8 Android Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

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Life of a student is a sequence of everyday challenges. But if you download right apps on your phone you will deal with all those tasks much easily.

Some owners of android phones give up looking for android apps for college students because they think that only IOs has the best products. That’s nonsense. Google PlayMarket contains a wide array of useful software that can satisfy needs of users even better than at AppStore. Look at the list of best college apps for android, download them and feel how innovations of today can ease your life and support you as a reliable friend.

1. EasyBib

Sometimes students get assignments like to create an essay.

It is a half of a task only to write your essay. The hardest thing in every task like that is to create a bibliography list according to standards of the certain style. To fix this issue, download EasyBib app and save time for something more pleasant and entertaining. To build and manage your cited works you сan:

– scan book barcodes with your phone’s camera;

– use search tool;

– export citations to email.

EasyBib allows users to switch between different citation styles. It includes MLA, APA, HARVARD, CHICAGO, and 6000 more styles!

2. Mint

A college curriculum contains many subjects and courses, but they do not teach students how to manage their own finances. Many guys are drowning in debts because they failed with budgeting.

The order in finances is as important as the order in your wardrobe or college assignments. With Mint users can keep track of their spendings, create budgets, and set alerts. Mint will send you a notification if it notices that you spend too much on something, whether it is dancing club or the new item from Aliexpress. Mint has prevented many students from crack-brained purchases.


3. Elevate

This is one of the best educational apps for college students because it helps to boost necessary skills for studying. It contains 30+ games that will improve cognitive abilities, memory, skills to digest information, analytic skills and mathematics knowledge.

Elevate designs for each user a personal training program. The complexity of games will increase gradually, in such a way all tasks will never seem to be too easy for you. Also, you can trace your progress in the candler planner to see your weak sides and maintain motivation. Such functions guarantee excellent results in your self-development. If you train your brain with Elevate regularly, you will develop activity and raise your productivity as well.

4. Sleep if you can

Classic alarm clocks cannot handle with modern sleepyheads. Modern Sleeping Beauties do not react on noisy ringtones, even if it is the most annoying sound.

They can easily switch such clocks off. So, what if it won’t be so simple just to switch the alarm? Sleep If U Can app will only turn off the annoying alarm after you’ve completed certain tasks. To get the most impressive results we suggest to select the hardest tasks. For example, to take a photo of an object in your bathroom (like sink) or of your front door.

5. Duolingo

The apps that help to study new languages are popular among most of the students, especially international one. Even if watch educational youtube channels to study a language, you need to practice somewhere.

Duolingo is the best among other apps where you can implement your knowledge and gain new. The exercises in it look more like a videogame with the nice and pleasant interface. For each completed lesson a learner wins different achievements. By the way, the lesson is short, you can complete them in a few minutes. If you study the language with the use of Duolingo you combine educational profit with fun.


6. 7 Minute Workout

Many students are too absorbed into studying (or partying) that they forget about their health at all. They overdo with sleepless nights in front of the computer, drinking alcohol, eating junk food and fail to keep fit. But even a little workout can compensate the harm brought to the organism.

If you devote at least 7 minutes a day for your well-being you will raise your productivity. It is what 6 Minute Workout is about. This app offers you exercises to complete which you need less than 10 minutes per day. Regular workout consists of 12 exercises (30 seconds each) that can be done anywhere where is a chair and a wall.

7. Drunk Mode

This is one of the most strange and the most useful android apps for college students. It is up to you what you’re capable of after you have overdone with beverages.

Drunk Mode can back up you and prevent from morning flashes of shame after intensive hangouts. With this app, you can block exact people (like teachers, exes, crushes) for up to 12 hours. To check that you are sober and it is safe for you to text these people you will have to answer a maths question.

8. SafeSpot

Carelessness can lead to tragic consequences. A person must always be attentive and take care of her safety. With SafeSpot you can make a list of people whom you want to contact when you are in trouble.

When you visit new spots and they seem to be too suspicious, or even when you enter your dorm late night and hear scary noises you can notify these people by sending them your location. It is like an emergency check-in.



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