Best ways to recover lost data from your hard drive

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Your hard drive is your best friend. It keeps all your data and memories and you can access it whenever you wish to. That is why keeping your hard drive healthy is very important. On the other hand one must keep an eye on the viruses, as the attack can cause you a mighty damage.

Over the period of time the hard drive gets a load of data and just by a simple ignorance the hard drive can lost all the data you kept on storing for years. According to the research this data is more valuable than you think. It can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if converted in the monetary value.

Once the data of your hard drive is lost or deleted, you can recover it by few techniques. There are still some chances left even after passing a week weeks that the data is still present on the hard drive. All you have to do is act properly and apply the right method to recover your data from your hard drive. This will not only save your money but the value of the data can never be replaced including the information you have been storing for years can never be refunded.

How to protect your hard drive?

Protecting of your hard drive is more important than anything else that is why one should follow the simple techniques which will keep your hard drive healthy and safe.

Some common reasons of the data lost from your hard drive are mentioned below. You can avoid the data loss if you keep an eye on these reasons:

  •    Virus attacks are one of the most common reasons of the hard drive failure and resulting in data lost. That is why install a good anti-virus and try to protect the virus attacks as much as you can.
  •    Deleting or formatting the files accidently. This can be done by yourself or any other family member and that is causing you a fortune. Some files can be restored from the recycle bin and some are permanently deleted.
  •    Corruption or loss of the critical file system structure. In this case the hard drive itself is deleting the files and data and before you identify the problem the data might be gone forever.
  •    Partition is damaged or lost. In this case the entire partition of the hard drive is lost or corrupted and the hard drive is deleting or not founding the data of a particular partition
  •    Damage done due to failure of power, this is done often because of the power fluctuations and the problems in the power supply. This interrupts the functioning of the hard drive
  •    Many times the hard drive is failed due to unknown reasons and identifying the problem is also very difficult.

Identify the problem:

Identifying the problem is very important because if the hard drive is corrupted, it is very difficult to recover the lost data. And if the problem is not identified properly this can cause multiple damages multiple times. Therefore analyses the problem and apply the right solution.

One thing also can be done that in case you find any problem with the hard drive you can immediately make a backup or clone of your data. In case the hard drive is dying, some data can be saved from lost.

How to recover the lost data from your hard drive:

You cannot just let your precious data go away, instead there are many ways to recover your data form the hard drive. This can be done by taking your laptop or desktop computer to the specialist and asking for the help. In this way you will get your data back. The experts can apply suitable solution to your hard drive and recover back your data. On the other hand you can too do it at your home by performing a process to recover your lost data from hard drive.

Recover your Hard Drive Data with Software:

This is an easier way to recover the data of your hard drive by using the software. Once the data is lost keep that in mind that each second the hard drive is kept functioning in a running system, it is lowering the chances of your data lost completely. As soon as you figure out that the hard drive is not working take it out. The computer sees your deleted data as an empty space and happy to write over it. It is considered as the opportunity to use the empty space and write over it whether you are actively doing it or not. This will lose the opportunity to recover the lost data and therefore you can make your task more difficult.

Once your hard drive is not working you can follow these steps to recover the lost data:

  1.    Shut your computer or laptop, the purpose here is to power out the hard drive the data is lost from. This way your drive is safe.
  2.    You can now make a clone of the data of the hard drive.
  3.    Now attempt to recover the data from the clone. There are many possible techniques for the data recovery from the clone. Some are easier and faster than the others.
  4.    Now scan the clone with recovery programs and software. Recuva is a free and better option if you are not willing to spend on the data recovery. Secondly some paid software is also available such as Zero Assumption Recovery which will cost you few dollars.
  5.    Install and run this software and let them recover the data it finds.
  6.    Once your data is found, save in the original hard drive.
  7.    The clone is good to be deleted.
  8.    Now scan your hard drive for any viruses and problems in case any left.
  9.    Connect your hard drive with the computer and see that everything is working well including the files which were deleted are opening and photos etc.

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