Google Maps v9.41.0: New Exciting Features For 2017

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A new version of Google Maps APK is available. This reveals the arrival of new features on the interface, but also on future recommendations for hotels that could soon arrive in Maps.

The latest version of the APK of Google Maps 9.41.0 beta, is available on, and various amendments such as the ability to start the application directly in Satellite view mode, improvements to the interface, and prepares the ground for new features that should come in the next versions.

Start to satellite

One of the features added in this release regarding the start picture. Thus, if until now, users arriving on the default map view Google Maps, it will soon be possible to change this default behavior, as shown below.

This kind of options should allow people to customize a little more experience and it is surprising that such a feature was not already available in Maps.


Refresh the interface

In this version, Google Maps also offers a redesign of certain functions, such as adding multiple stops on a route. Thus, as can be seen below, the buttons change to a good interface and more in line with Material Design guidelines.

At plugs places, there is also the change in the interface, as Maps now shows a list of articles in which the location (such as a restaurant) appears. Also, there now has the average time spent by the people, as was the case on the web version.

Quick hotel recommendations?

Finally, the teardown of the application reveals that the application could offer promotions on hotels. Indeed, we find in the code of the application of new badges indicating the presence of a promotion and the percentage reduction.

<string name = “HOTEL_DEAL_BADGE”> DEAL </ string>
<string name = “HOTEL_OFFER_TIP”> % 1 $ d %% off </ string>
<string name = “HOTEL_VALUE_TIP”> % 1 $ d %% less than usual < / string>

however it is not known when these features are enabled. About hotel promotions, it is unclear whether the reductions shown are based on rates observed throughout the year or it will be a promotion sponsored by hotels.