How to get most from your Netflix subscription?

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Frankly, remembering my life before NetFlix is very difficult. It is one of the best movie streaming applications. With NetFlix pioneer services you can get better connection, video quality, user interface, speed and movie collection.

While NetFlix is the best movie application, it still has some room for improvement. To improve your movie watching experience on NetFlix let’s discuss few tips and tricks that will enhance the experience dramatically.

  • Restricted countries

You all must be aware that NetFlix offers some amazing stuff to countries like America. There are some regional restrictions on NetFlix. Therefore, to get all the content on your computer you can use Mint Hint network services. It works only on your computer but for an amount around 2.50 euros per month. If you want an alternative then you can go for Hola unblocker browser plugin. It works well on Chrome, Firefox and Android OS.

Please remember that accessing NetFlix in other restricted countries in violation of your user agreement. So attempt this at your own risk.

  1.    Skip buffering for Videos

Are you facing problem with that round buffering sign revolving on the video screen in front of you. We can skip buffering by a secret menu. Just click on any video while pressing Shift + Alt. For Mac users press Shift + Option + Click. Under “Stream Manager” now you can adjust the data usage settings. It can be also used for video and audio synchronization.

  1. Better video quality

According to Digital Trends research on NetFlix, they found out that NetFlix video quality improves when lesser people are logged in. Thus, you can stream movies during  off peak hours. This will likely to give you a better video and audio quality without any buffering sign. So finally you have a legit excuse to skip job for a day and watch movies on NetFlix.

  1. Computer shortcuts

It is easier to move around your NetFlix through keyboard buttons. This will make your binging more efficient. So now you can sit back and enjoy movies easily.

  • PgDn is pause, PgUp is play
  • Spacebar will also process play and pause options.
  • F will give you full screen and Esc button will reverse the action.
  • M button will allow you to mute the video. Depending on your computer and KeyBoard.
  • Shift + Left arrow will enable you to rewind the video whereas, Shift + Right arrow will fast forward it for you.
  1.  Use HD streaming

Most NetFlixers ignore whether they are watching movies in HD quality or not. It would be quite embarrassing if you get to know that you were watching movies in lower quality thinking they were in HD quality.  To make sure you are watching movies in HD quality just go to

Please remember that watching videos in HD quality eats up most of your internet allowance. Therefore, please be careful while using this as an option to watch HD quality videos.

Final Words

NetFlix is a pioneer application, it provides you amazing content on its website as well as on its application. NetFlix will give you unbeatable movies, tv shows and videos to watch. These tips and tricks are to enhance your movie watching experience on NetFlix.

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