How to install Android apps on Chromebook

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it is now possible to install a beta version of Chrome OS on the Chromebook Flip Asus and access the Play Store. In other words, it is finally possible to install Android apps on Chromebooks.

It was one of the most significant announcements last Google I / O and Google made ​​good on its promises. For several hours, it is possible to install OS Chrome 53 Dev version of the Asus Chromebook Flip. On the Application bar at the bottom, a Play Store app then appeared. It provides access to the Play Store and install a good part of these applications.

If one believes Francis Beaufort, a station engineer at Google, the arrival of the Store would be effective on the Chromebook Flip but also on the Chromebook Pixel and the Acer Chromebook R11. On both devices, the update is however not yet available.

One of the journalists Site spent a few hours on these applications on a Chromebook. His first impressions are rather encouraging. The vast majority of the Play Store application starts without display issue and it is possible to open them in a window or full screen mode. Applications like Word, Excel, but Netflix now working on a Chromebook. Be many new opportunities for Chromebooks.

All is not perfect, however. Some applications do not launch or function poorly, like Photoshop Express, where the application can not find where pictures are stored. It is also the moment or resize a window, or use of multitasking (only the frontmost application works) and even less to install applications as .apk files. It also appears that Android apps are poorly account gyroscopes Chromebook Flip.

So there is no doubt that this version of Chrome OS 53 is still very much in beta. It will surely be a few weeks before you can enjoy it to its full potential. However, it is very promising.


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