Sevenhugs, the truly universal remote control project is available on Kickstarter

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Sevenhugs the remote control is available on Kickstarter , from 99 dollars. The project has already exceeded its basic goal, $ 50 000, with nearly 130 thousand dollars at the time of writing.

”  OH Wait, yet a universal remote control “, a blase tone. A French startup has just introduced its new remote to control all connected objects. The pitch, I could not believe it. The communication protocols are many and very different technologies are often owners … and the demo is impressive.

 ” How it works ? “Start with the basics. This remote control comes with three caps E25 bulbs. Strange, no? It is these pellets that are connected, they will allow to communicate by radio waves and especially to triangulation. This means: the remote control can accurately know the location of any object connected to your living room.
By integrating the API many connected objects and realizing the “mapping” of your room, this remote control can actually interact with objects connected to your living room. Sonos speakers, the Philips Hue bulbs … the first embedded objects are already convincing. The small screen on the remote will display automatically for display contextual information.

You can “map” your window, to ensure display weather on your remote control. The SDK will increase the uses and compatible products.

The Smart Remote Sevenhugs provides a solution to the proliferation of connected devices, protocols and other dedicated applications. An issue increasingly present in our daily lives. You do not agree ?