The AMOLED screen of the future iPhone 8 is REAL

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A document completed by Apple suggests that the Cupertino company has sourcing technology OLED up to $ 4 billion.

In late October, the head of Sharp, specializing in screen design, confirmed the presence of OLED technology on the iPhone 8 , the next Apple smartphone. This information was confirmed a little more after the discovery of a document filed by the Cupertino company with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US agency responsible for regulating the financial markets.
As explained by AppleInsider , it was discovered by analysts of JP Morgan. Apple says there, among others, a purchase order of $ 4 billion (approximately EUR 3.6 billion) that extends over more than one year. Analysts believe that this is a supply contract in the long term for the OLED technology.

The advantages of the OLED

The said technology is the one used on AMOLED displays which already several smartphones, including the Samsung Super AMOLED panels. Its interest lies in its low power consumption, contrast and great flexibility which enables the manufacture of curved screens.

Mark a blow

This information is likely to be proved. Apple has already shown interest in OLED technology by integrating a dynamic button bar on its latest MacBook Pro . Furthermore, after making little change in appearance to the iPhone 7 compared to its predecessor, it is expected that the company a major coup with the future iPhone 8 to celebrate 10 years his smartphone.

At least one of the iPhone models 8, the three expected , could thus have a curved screen, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.