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Previously we discussed 20 best android apps for 2017 and this time we are back with 10 best android VR games that you should play in 2017.

If you are ready to spend $600 on an Oculus Rift or $900 on HTC Vive to enjoy the good virtual reality games, gear up your pockets to buy $100 Samsung Gear VR to have higher end experience. Just need a Samsung Gear VR and a compatible Smartphone to get into your imaginary world and enjoy.

Samsung Gear VR is a spectacle and amazing device to play virtual reality games. Just crown a headset to blow off your mind and play the below amazing games over it!

1. InMind VR

A short scientific arcade game evolved into the micro world and experienced the miracles of the human mind! The game designed for Oculus VR. Allow yourself to experience the journey of neurons that cause mental disorders.

Download InMind VR from Google Play.

2. VR X Racer

Experience and unlimited VR Racing game through your Samsung Gear VR. The best racing experience ever had. Get yourself in star war 3 and save our earth from UFO spaceship in 2017.  Avoid the obstacles and be careful. You may fall down.

Download VR X Racer from Play Store.

3. Voxel Fly VR

Warning! Beat the records and stay safe from all the flying cars to stay ahead of your friends.

Download Voxel Fly VR here.

4. Nagomi’s ear cleaning VR

Get your ears cleaned with VR! A virtual reality game designed to provide you relief through virtual ear cleaning. The application allows the player to stay relaxed. The girl’s voice changes as the player’s movements. Have the best experience of ear cleaning through headphones.

Install Nagomi’s ear cleaning VR from Google Play Store.

5. Lamper V Firefly Rescue

One of the most polished VR games yet released.  Lamper is a Firefly back, with better power to stay brave and fight with the sinister spiders to rescue your firefly friends. Use the fireballs and power-ups to blast out the enemies. Have a fantastic and fun gameplay through this game.

Install Lamper V Firefly Rescue from Google Play.

6. VR Urban Commando

Do you want to play a battle life? Experience the thrill of Urban Commando with this VR game. Become an assassin shooter with the guns and make your shooting skills your survival strategy.

Download VR Urban Commando here.

7. Lost in the Kismet

A very first 3D VR room escapes mobile game. With your VR headsets, enjoy the experience to solve the puzzle by interacting through your eyes without any finger touch.

Download Lost in the Kismet from Play Store.

8. Zombie Shooter VR

Get yourself out from the never-ending labyrinths of the post-apocalyptic subway! Look at your weapon and choose them to struggle with hordes of bloodthirsty zombies and mutants.

Install Zombie Shooter VR.

9. VR Fantasy

Enter into your fantasyland with Samsung Gears. Travel into the magic land with the younger VR fanatics.

Download VR Fantasy here.

10. Raw Data

Fight off with the robots with virtual guns, pistols and katanas. A high rated, sweat inducing and heart pumping game will thrill you like the robot number increases. The best part of the game is rotary weaponry. Let your friend join your mission with his own set.

Download Raw Data here.

These were some bang-on 2017 VR games for android which you should give a try right now. Gear up your Samsung Gear VR and pace ahead towards the journey of virtual reality world.