10 Reasons Why Android Phones are Better Than iPhone X

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The whole iPhone vs. Android comparison has been around since both competitors emerged into the smartphone market. While Apple has been trailing other android smartphone producers in terms of durability, individual user customization and camera specifications for years, the new iPhone X is no different.

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This article aims at taking a general look into the matter. No one has ever built a mobile better than iPhone,“ is what you have heard many people brag but you are not 100% convinced. Let’s take a closer look at 10 reasons why the iPhone cannot compare to this and last years android products.

  1. Variety of Models

Android phones come in a wide variety of models and make. There are over 1,000 companies that manufacture smartphones around the globe. The number of different designs/models to choose from lies in the thousands and increases every year.

  1. Cost of Repair

The repair costs for Apple smartphones are incredibly high, and repair can only be done by Apple and Apple authorized resellers. For android products, the repair costs are lowered overall by the market competition between the numerous manufacturers.

  1. Storage Capacity

As with all previous iPhones, the new iPhone X won’t have the option of letting you use an SD card for an increased storage capacity. You can choose from storage between 64GB and 256GB. By contrast, this year Samsung Galaxy S8 that comes with a 64Gb internal storage enables you to insert an SD card to opt for storage of 256GB max. for smaller additional cost.

  1. RAM

Speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsungs new S8 comes with a 4GB RAM while the Apples iPhone X will probably be equipped with a smaller 3GB RAM.

  1. Battery and Battery life

If you have had an apple mobile device before, you know that the battery is fixed and cannot be exchanged at home (unless you’re a pro). If your phone survives for a long period of time, you are very likely to have to buy a new battery from Apple or a new smartphone altogether. Also, while no one knows exactly how long the battery of Apple’s new X will last, tests say that the Galaxy S8 lasts about a day and some when being used moderately.

  1. Android as an External Hard Drive

When using an iPhone to pair with a non-Apple computer software, you will need iTunes in order to access the device’s storage and move around photos, apps, and other media. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to use your iPhone like you will your android phone. An android will act as an external hard drive once mounted to the computer.

  1. Usage of Headphones

The usage of headphones got slightly complicated with the newer Apple models as the manufacturer got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. In order to listen to music the oldfashioned way, you need to get an adapter for your lightning port that gives you a headphone outlet. Otherwise, you’ll have to help yourself to a fancy pair of Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Customization of Your Interface

It should be your choice to decide on a design for your phone, shouldn’t it? After all, you are the one using it. Android phones have the ability to let you customize your interface(s) and read texts in the fond and style of your choice. Unfortunately, Apple still thinks they know what is best for you and does not have the same options for customization as Android has.

  1. Durability of Some Models

Overall the durability of Apple’s smartphones needs to be rated unacceptable. In order to keep the device intact, you need to treat it like a raw egg. If that does not sound like you, you might be better off with an android mobile device after all. Some manufacturers make especially durable phones like the Motorola Moto Z2 Force which comes with a guarantee that the  screen won’t break for four years.

  1. Price Flexibility

Of all the reasons mentioned above, my Number One argument for buying an android phone over an iPhone is the price flexibility. One can find a smartphone for virtually any wallet-size out there whereas the prices for Apple products are steep in comparison.

The article answered the question What is better iPhone or Android?“, and showed 10 categories in which Android dominates the smartphone market. In the end, it comes down to your preferences for usage, the way you are willing to treat your phone as well as your ability and preparedness to pay. Both varieties are high-quality products with futuristic designs. After all, if you plan on joining the Apple community, the iPhone 5s should be great starting iPhone for Android users to switch to.


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