10 Rules to Eat Well and Healthy

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A real kitchen consists in a delicate plate, with first quality components. If someone is used to eat with surplus can’t praise a healthy plate like that, with a rare fish, fresh greens (vegetables) or a green bean soup with an antic taste.


  • If you can, go shopping everyday ( I hate the fridge, mine is always empty) a soup stored in the fridge for a day losses the nutrition values.
  • Boil the vegetables, meat or fish as little as possible
  • Choose integral and biological foods from places where didn’t use pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Eat less meat and try to eat only that meat which comes from the farms that don’t use antibiotics or hormones.
  • Eat more fish, try to eat sea fish not stock fish, sea fishes are rarely grown on reserves.
  • After boiling use olive oil and very little salt.
  • Use seasonal fruit and vegetables as much as you can, don’t use those from greenhouses.
  • Don’t overdrink alcohols. You can drink a half glass of wine for every meal.
  • Avoid hard alcohols.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat less sweet.
  • And the last but not least, walk at least half an hour a day.

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The last recommendation it is most difficult because laziness is high while short time available. But careful, modern cardiology determines that walking is the best prophylaxis against cardiovascular disease. Since the infarct hits both, women and men, therefore must commitment more. It is advised to walk half hour a day but in working days it can be used the “bike” in the evening watching TV, the news or watching a film. On Sundays wear the sports wears and sport shoes and go out walking under the green trees, breathe the fresh air. Since we eat every day we have to walk every day. When this will be our routine for sure we will feel better, we will have tone muscles, and we will have a better circulation and absorption of oxygen and low level of cholesterol.

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A common question is: how many meals we should have a day? I think it doesn’t have a written rule for that, I have to “read” your organism and try to eat simply and healthy by following you’re inside meal time.

Anyhow I think that for the grown people it is enough three meals a day while for children one meal more, the one that it is called “the Heart”.

We usually it more in dinner because we are quieter then and we have nothing to do. But, this is not right, once; an old saying was “You have Breakfast as a King, Lunch as a Prince and Dinner as a poor man”. This is for a simple reason, in the mornings we lose more calories (this is the reason why we must have a great breakfast), meanwhile in the evenings we have minimal needs for calories, this is why we don’t have to eat much. These are some simple rules that anyone can try and follow.


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