7 Best Wear Applications for Android Wear Smartwatches

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Since the release of android wear 2.0 which is used to ease one from using their phone each time, there has been continuous release of application in the google play store to use on the watch with most of them being free to download.

Whether you own a Huawei watch 2.0 or any type of watch as long as it’s an android wear smart watch you will want to have the best applications to fill in it. Below are the best seven android applications you might want to add on your smart watch to avoid adding junk on your android wear. These apps are capable of entertaining you, tracking your fitness and health and also notify you in case you are too busy to check your phone for emails or messages or who is calling.


  1. Tinder

Image Courtesy- Techiespad.com

This is the most commonly known dating site used everywhere. It involves swiping left and right for the hottest guy you would like to match with. Are you interested in finding love or a hot date? If yes, you can add tinder to your android wear to find yourself a perfect match. The android wear brings all of tinder features into your wrist including notification on messages, matches and new people around you. Saying start tinder could bring you to the start of finding something hot to wear for the night/date just from the wrist.

  1. Uber

This is a standalone application and the most popular, safe and fast means of moving from one place to another when you are not using a public means of transport or your car. Android wear enables you to request for a ride directly from your wrist without having to use your phone. Also keeps track on how far your ride is from where you are, gives you estimate on the price and arrival time to your destination or even while on the journey. Basically, it operates just the same way uber operates on the phone.

Besides it being a must have on your phone, it is also a must have on the android wear watch.

  1. Foursquare city guide

Foursquare city guide is an app for those who love travelling or exploring new places. It enables one to find amazing and the best places in a town to eat, drink and have fun. One is able to filter using different categories to locate your desired place to go to without referring to your connected smartphone or even if the phone is not connected.

This app is continuously updated to make it more reliable i.e. it can now be used even when the phone is not tethered to it and it looks exactly like the smartphone version

  1. Stocard

Do you own so many cards and in need of them in your everyday life activities and your keychains can’t hold them all? Stocard is here to help you solve that problem

This is a free application that enables you to keep loyalty or payment cards on your wrist and avoid carrying so many cards that you can easily forget or lose. This is majorly a life hack for people who doesn’t like carrying so much the lazy people and those who needs all the cards to carry out their activities.

It digitizes all the cards into a single application on the mobile which works with android wear watch

  1. Citymapper

Google is most common application used on mobile phones to locate places one has no idea where they are. Google play store brings you Citymapper for android wear watches to help navigate from one place to another at ease using location specified on the mobile app, and also it tracks complicated journeys that were specified earlier on the application.

Imagine having to check your phone every time while driving, and your phone has password, so that means having to input the password each time. Don’t you think that’s very annoying? With Citymapper you are able to check your direction on your wrist without pulling your phone each time. You are not able to miss a turn and also improve your concentration.

With Citymapper you can look less like a tourist around a big city and busy streets of a city.

If you are much of a traveler or new in a particular place then Citymapper is the best for you also it has a user-friendly interface making it very easy to use.

  1. Gmail

Everyone owns at least one Gmail account or more depending on what he/she uses it for. Android wear enables you to see notification from Gmail depending on your settings of whether you need all emails from promotional, social or primary or if you need only notifications on the primary emails.

With this feature on your smart watch you don’t need your phone each and every time when expecting an email or to take out your phone from wherever it is whenever it buzzes.

Although it be a little annoying when there are so many incoming notifications because of the buzzing that happens every time the notification comes in. Also, there is no easy way to control which emails to receive, this has to be done from the phone which is a complicated process.

  1. Strava and Runtastic pro

Who would need a phone when they have everything they need on their wrist? When busy or even working out Strava application is able to keep you updated all through on their health status.

Strava has a user interface that is easy to use to display all the fitness data with just a touch of a button. It has a heart rate monitor built inside and a performance analysis platform. The performance indicates, distance covered, time used, laps taken and even the pace. Once it has collected this information at the end of the session it synchronies the data to the Strava feed automatically.

This app also allows you to receive calls or listen music while working out.




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