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In the previous article we told you how to setup your Google Smart Home and this article will explain to you the 10 useful tips all Google Smart Home owners should know before setting up.

The Internet of Things or IoT, a great buzz to drive your world controlled with your Smartphone. Instead of people getting smarter, it is mobile phones which have become much intelligent with adaptive sensing devices and specialized hardware. Let it off the lights on your patio; get it done by self with just an app. Google Smart Home with lazy people!

Below are few tips that need to instruct you to let a peaceful life in Google Smart Home!

  1. Do it yourself

Certain things have to do by yourself. Replacing your door lock, or you choose to install a simple, get the solutions from Wink or more professional with Crestron or Control4.

  1. Thermostat- Money Saver

For a place, which tends to be chilled or hot, you need to invest in the smart thermostat. Just replace your old thermostat with the smart thermostat to enjoy the big chunk.

  1. Go for smart light instead of smart bulbs

Opting smart lights will be wiser than choosing smart bulbs. Choosing smart lights will be an inexpensive and more sensible choice because smart bulb requires power switch to put it on and off.  It saves you from waking up in the midnight thinking of some mishaps.

  1. IFTTT

Before buying any system, check its compatibility with IFTTT.  It enables your system to link up together to many cloud systems. You can simply connect your things together with IFTTT to push down your limits of your beyond the boundaries.

  1. Return policy

Make sure the product you bought are returnable if they are faulty in working or are not functioning. Buying things online can be cheaper but only if they work. If they are not functioning, it is worthless to buy even at 90% discount.

  1. Nuisance of voice control all the time

Voice control does not appear to be a good system all the time. It is terribly weird if you get locked and pissed off. If you get hooked up, you can lock ups via IFTTT; you will realize that there is no difference between your voice, or your daughter’s voice or neighbor’s kid’s voice keen to raid on my kitchen.

  1. Some insanity

It is insane to have a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator. The automating refrigerator will not let you have grapes directly popping in your mouth. Rather than an automating refrigerator, it is better to go for the sensor-laden water heater.

  1. Secure- networks and accounts

Finally, it is time to secure all your accounts and networks. Do not let movies like Eagle Eye to be realistic for you.  Make all your devices, accounts, stay updated with the latest firmware, and use solid passwords and never disclose your password to anyone.


Once you can follow all the above tips, you will be the smartest person with a smart home. Get a note of the advice!

If you have more tips for the Google Smart Home owners, please feel free to comment and share 🙂