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Let’s compare two best operating systems of the decade – Apple iOS 10 Vs. Android 7.0 Nougat – and find out which one is better!

Apple has released the much awaited iOS 10 and Google has made the sweetest Android Nougat 7.0 N official. Here is the best comparison of both operating systems that you’ve always wanted to know…

After all the drama related to the naming of the Android N operating system, it has been named as Nougat. The war rages between Apple and Google is a known story, and the endless debate still continues. The full version of both Android Nougat 7.0 and Apple iOS10, which is the brand new version of operating systems of Google and Apple respectively, have hit the market.

As the latest versions revealed, people have started comparing both to find out which one stand better than the other. Well, here we do not intend to do the crowning ceremony on behalf of the users, but let’s make a comparison of features and tweaks of both the operating systems.

User interface

Regarding the UI and notifications, it seems like both of them share some of the standard features. The Android Nougat displays some of the redesigned notifications, which resemble like iOS features. The new notifications are readable; they have minimal borders and fit the width of the screen.

night mode android 7.0


You can sort out the notification together based on applications, and this is one area, you will find it more likely to iOS. On the other hand, iOS 10 allows its users to interact with the notifications without having to unlock the phone. The Apple iOS 10 makes it possible for the users to view the notification just by picking up the phone, which Android Nougat has yet to provide. Apple offers a smart home with its new home kit.

As Android 7.0 has taken cues from iOS, Apple also does so by introducing widgets to the home screen. The implementation of widgets has been done in a different way, though. With a slight touch on the application icon, widgets will appear. All thanks to the powder of 3D touch.

Hiding certain stock apps

Both Android 7.0 and iOS 10 now allow their users to hide some of the apps and can view them whenever you want. However, you cannot hide any of the apps you wish to hide.

Certain apps, only the manufacturers can hide. Hiding the apps can isolate the users from some applications such as CarPlay in iPhone and other Apple devices.

Photos and music apps

The photo apps in iOS 10 work along with artificial intelligence to give its users many great features. The photo apps will be able to identify objects in the pictures taken by you. Your app exactly knows which photos have flowers or water in them. Try searching flowers and it will show the results with pictures containing flowers in it.

It also creates automatic slideshows using the best photos and videos in your gallery. These features are not new when it comes to Android users as these were introduced a year back by Google.

Now coming to the music app, you will have more simplified in iOS 10. The navigation interface is very simple compared to its old version. Due to this feature, the number of people trying out Apple’s music streaming service would increase. But compared to Google’s play music, iOS music app still has a long way to go. Play music concentrates more on downloading songs and streaming whereas iOS still clings on to iTunes.

Personal assistants

Apple’s personal assistant Siri has undergone some massive improvements, which are obviously on top of the Google Now. Siri is also available to third party developers, which makes it much better. Until now, Google Now was equally better as Siri, but the story is going to change with the release of iOS 10 update.

multitasking on android nougat


With Android 7.0, your phone is going to install applications much faster, thanks to the new JIT compiler. The dialogue box “Android is starting” will not be available in the update, which is a good thing. Apple iOS 10 comes with a new lock screen, which has replaced “Slide to unlock” with “Press home to open”.

notifications panel on android nougat

With the new update, all Apple devices will feature a keyboard by Google called as Gboard. This feature makes it possible for the users to search for things without opening an app or launching the browser. Apple’s new OS also features a “Dark mode” which helps the users to view the screen in low light. It changes the background color of applications.


In Google’s new update, there are security improvements via file-based encryption. Your Android phone will download software files and prepare them whenever you restart the phone. At that time you don’t have to give your device password. With the release of iOS 10, users can make ultra-secure payments with the help of Apple Pay. You will also get the assistance of Siri in the whole procedure. The iOS version also makes it possible for you to incorporate it into your website.


Maps in iOS 10 are easier and intuitive to use than before. Uber is more advanced in iOS now as users can book cabs within maps. Based on your usage, Maps will give your guidance next time when you want to travel. Whereas Android’s new OS also comes with some of the new improvements in maps.  With the improvements, users can now set multiple destinations in Google Maps.


Apple says iOS 10 is their biggest release ever as it features many delightful features useful for the customers. However, it is true that both of the operating systems do share some of the common features. It is a good thing because ultimately the customers are benefited from these rich features. Apple has certain areas where it has to catch up with Android OS and vice versa.

If you would you like to share anything on the subject of Apple iOS 10 Vs. Android Nougat 7.0 comparison, do use the comment feature and tell the world you are a true tech expert.