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Best comparison of 3 best android versions – the Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat

notifications panel on android nougat

If you want to compare android nougat 7.0, marshmallow 6.0 and Lollipo 5.1 you are at right place. Know all the main differences and features of 3 best android versions of the decade.

After all the buildup and the user submission procedures, which are first of its kind, Android 7.0 officially named as Nougat. The developer preview of Android 7.0 is already out with a variety of features. There isn’t a lot of difference in the new version from Marshmallow, but it comes with changes which are sufficient enough for an update.


Notifications are going to be more interactive on Android devices with the Android 7.0 update. They are going to be similar to an email with subject and content attached to it. Notifications will provide you more information about it like when it reached your phone, etc.

Quick notification reply

Additionally, you can also send replies directly from the notification bar without opening the application. In short, it is one of the major features in the latest Android version. You can also expand group notifications into individual one with a finger touch.

Fingerprint sensors

With the release of Android Marshmallow, Google created a Uniform Standard for fingerprint sensors. Earlier, with Lollipop, each smartphone manufacturer had their own software to implement fingerprint sensors.


Settings have undergone a significant change in Android Nougat. Most of the settings have more details than usual, which ask you to secure an application or category. Just by a button click, you will be able to reveal a hamburger menu, which contains all the settings.

android n 7.0 settings

Now you do not have to return to the main settings page for switching to another settings category like in Android Marshmallow.

Split-screen multitasking

Multi window features are not entirely new because it was already there in Android 6.0, but only for the developer’s version. With Android N, multi-windows features are going to be available on all Android devices, and it works perfectly.

multitasking on android nougat

You will able to run two applications in the same window and will be able to watch a video while sending a message. It is also possible to resize the applications as per your convenience.


If you love to chat, then you are going to love the new update. Google is planning to introduce 13 new emojis which will represent working women well. Emojis is all time favorite if they are not offending.

emoji for android nougat 7.0

Doze Mode

Doze mode was a new term for Android Lollipop users when they saw it in Marshmallow version. Now, the Android Nougat version has an improved doze mode. The doze mode is all about to save your phone’s battery life.

It also increases the battery performance while the phone’s screen is off and when it is in sleep mode. It sometimes annoys you because it restricts the usage of some apps to save the battery life. Android Nougat will restrict network access to save up your phone’s battery life while in sleep mode. Whenever you power on the device, the Doze mode will disable the device automatically.

The improved Doze mode is very much efficient and provides better battery life, which is a top most requirement for Android users.

Data saver

As most of the users have unlimited Wi-Fi access, apps which run in the background is not an issue. Nevertheless, for those who have limited data plan, the new feature called “Data Saver” in Android Nougat is a boon.

Users can choose the apps, which they want to give unrestricted data access and which apps they want to restrict. Data saver feature can be enabled for apps individually which is a good thing. The advanced feature is enough to tell the applications to use the minimum amount of data when they are running in the background. Less data usage leads to more battery life at the end of the day.


The biometric fingerprint feature, first introduced in Android Marshmallow. With the feature, users will be able to unlock the device with the help of fingerprints. Fingerprints have been using while making purchases via the play store. This option added more security to your data and was not available in android lollipop.

Android Marshmallow also prompted individual permissions for application when you access it for the first time. This permission mode helped in denying access to certain apps which demands access to your critical data. In Android Nougat, along with the advanced fingerprint sensors, there are some other security improvements.

Night/Dark mode

Android Nougat features a new mode, which is Night mode or Dark mode, which sets the whole menu into a dark one instead of the ordinary white background. The Night/Dark mode was one feature most users wanted, and it was available in the Marshmallow update.

night mode android 7.0

Sadly, it was removed before the Android 6.1 was released. In Android Nougat, the dark mode can be turned on particular timings, and you can adjust the tint accordingly. This was a feature, which was already available on iOS.

Auto system update

It is irritating when a big update has released, and it takes a long time to reach you.  You can see that the downloading issue is no more disturb you in the new Android Nougat version. If your device has internet access, it will automatically download the update images so that you do not have to wait for the notification to reach you. As usual, it does not work on a mobile data connection, and you need to have Wi-Fi access.


According to all these information, it seems like Android Nougat will increase the overall performance in different areas. Marshmallow had many major updates comparing its older version. Although Android 7.0 has nothing dramatically new to offer, still it has many great features, which are very much helpful.