Android O 8.0 Review, Features, Updates & Upgrade

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Cool things you need to know about android 8.0

Here you will find the latest debate, features, review, updates and how to get your devices loaded with the latest android version known as Android O 8.0.

The birth of Android O 8.0

The Android 8.0 officially code-named as Android O, christened as Android O.  The name finalized after an extensive public opinion reviews, recommendation and advice on various platforms.  Google in March, 2017, has officially announced, Android O henceforth is called as Android O.  The competition was between Oreo and Orange.  There are not many sweet desserts or confectioneries available starting with “N” and this sweet candy made of sugar, honey egg white and nuts, sometimes even filled with chopped fruits, known for its chewing consistency made all the way beating Nutella.

Early gossip over the version:

There was bit confusion in the initial stage what version of Android Operating System shall be offering in android O.  The gossip mills were abuzz with the opinion that it would be getting 6.1 versions, as the predecessor Marshmallow as running on Android 6.0.

Android O 8.0 declared official:

In March 2017, Google announced a Developer Preview of entirely new Android Operating System, under the code name ‘N,’ with a lot of advanced features.  On May 18, 2017, during their I/O keynote discussion on “O”, Google released a new beta version of Android ‘O’ and held an extensive hunt for the name of the operating system, starting with “O” which later confirmed as “Oreo.”  After that, a series of Developer Previews introduced, and we have as on June 15, 2017, Android O Developer Preview No. 4. The final version of Android O will have version 8.0, and so it is Android O 8.0

The chronology of development:

The following will illustrate the chronology of Android O 8.0 development. We have today stand with Android O Developer Preview released on 4 in June 2016.

  • In March, we had Android O Developer Preview 1 (Alpha version)
  • In April, we had Android O Developer Preview 2 (Beta version)
  • In May, we had Android O Developer Preview 3 (Beta version)
  • In June, we had Android O Developer Preview 4 with final Application Program Interfaces and Software Development Kit
  • By July, we will have Android O Developer Preview 5
  • By August-September, we will have the full version of Android O 8.0

About Android O – The features that make you spellbound:

One of the noteworthy features of Android 8.0, as per Android O Review is the split-screen multi-window.  With this feature, you can split the screen into two halves and can use two applications simultaneously.  The system is also offering free multi-window features on an experimental basis as a hidden feature.  This seems to be a fantastic feature as it allows multiple elements appear on the screen simultaneously.

Redesigned notification features:

The new Android O comes with a redesigned notification features. The setting icon redesigned to look much smaller. Instead of the old notification, card icon, the new icon redesigned to look like a “sheet” where you can make an instant inline reply by using the Android Program Interface (API), the Android Wear.  The Android Wear is another version of Android Operating System released by Google, exclusively designed for smart watches and other portable gadgets.

It will have the software updates installed continuously in the background, and the updates will run automatically while rebooting.  The continuous software updates are similar to that of Chrome OS. You can also use the system intelligently by allowing one partition for your regular use and another half for the updates.  It will be an added advantage since Android O 8.0 allows you to use split-screen features.

Doze – the power saver:

If you an ardent user or Android Marshmallow, you might have used the “Doze” power saving option.  The “Doze” feature has a significant advantage in controlling the power consumption and the same feature is using with many innovations.  This device will be operational while the Smartphone is running which help you to reduce the battery consumption. Though the Smartphone screen will be off, the system will allow doing background tasks.  You will have limited network activities, but the apps will open the “maintenance windows” and shall be accessing web service to perform background tasks. The device will turn to full Doze Stage if the smart phone is stationary for an extended period.

It also comes with a new “Data Saver” application, which can restrict the background mobile data usage.   The “Data Saver” can help to reduce the bandwidth usage, especially limiting the quality of media streaming, etc.  You can find higher graphic performance in Android O, which introduced first time on Developer Preview 2 to support Vulkan, which is a low-overhead cross-platform 3D graphics.

Further, you will find a new range of human emoji and more supporting skin tones.

Highlighted features of Android O 8.0

Improved User Interface and Notification features:

One of the outstanding features of Android O OS is its improved UI and its notification menu. Both these features are innovated to give a new lease interface features. While you swipe down the screen from the top, you will have the important icons such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many features and you can activate it instantly. You do not need to toggle between the screens or exit from the using menu to enable any of these vital tasks.

The notification segment has lavish design by giving spacious environment, where the notifications displayed by using the full width of the screen.  It will let you have an improved vision of small fonts, which are much easily readable.  You can modulate the notification messages to appear in stack mode so that you will have a less crowded screen full of notification messages.

You can conveniently expand each message and deal with it as the way you want.  In addition, you can find the system has quick reply feature to communicate with any third party application developers, instantly.

How can you access the setting?

You can set the notification at the following levels:

  • Blocked – You will never get any notifications
  • Min importance – The notification will appear at the bottom of the screen without any alert sound
  • Low importance – The notification will appear in chronological order without any alert sound
  • Normal importance – You can have notification with alarm sounds
  • High importance – You will have pop-up notification on the screen with alert sounds
  • Urgent importance – The notification will appear at the top of the list, with pop up and alert sounds

How can you access the setting?  To make the setting, you have to pull down the notification menu and do a long press on the gear icon.  This action will activate the System User Interface in the Setting Menu. From there enter Menu move to other and score “Show full importance” setting. You are done!

Multiple Windows and the easy way to switch between:

Android is very popular with its multitasking features.  With the arrival of Android O, it has moved further step ahead.  The new system comes with Quick Switch that will allow you move back to the previous app just by tapping on the Recent Button. It is comparatively quite easy to operate.  You do not need to go back and again search for the application that was using before the present one.  The toggling and going to the previous app made simply by tapping on the Recent Button. It is very convenient and easy to use.

Have you ever thought of having All Clear Buttons on your Android OS?  Yes, your long cherished dream has also become real with this application.  It has incorporated an All Clear Button, in the Recent Menu.  It is a standalone feature of Android O, and that makes it an outstand Android OS than any of its predecessors.

You can find the much-talked multi-window feature of Google in Android O. The access to the multi-window is easy and made possible from Recent Menu by tapping it.  Once you tapped the Recent Menu, it will give you the option to select the split-screen window app.  Just tap it you are ready with the split window.

The window is quite large to manage the multi-window task.  You can simultaneously use both screens for multiple uses.  You can use one window for messaging and another window for checking your e-mails.  Life gets much easy with the multi-screen option.  You can drag files from one window to the other window.  Indeed, these features are very much impressive.

Picture in Picture:

The Picture in Picture is yet another fantastic feature you can enjoy on as per many Android O reviews.  It is mainly for people who are interested in using Android TV other than a tablet or smartphone.  The application allows the viewer to watch the main show on the full screen and the second channel in the top corner of the screen. This is useful for people who want to track on two visuals at a time.  With a single tapping, you will be able to bring the second channel in the full mode. The app allows you to toggle between the channels quickly.

Vulkan Android Program Interface:

Vulkan is a real-time 3D graphic app with high-performance ability for running Interactive Medias and games on all platform, which offers low CPU usage.  Initially, Vulkan developed as a next generation Open GL and ultimate replacement choice for Open GL. The intention was to make cross platform game and interactive media much easier business. The intelligent design of Android O is capable of adopting Vulkan API support and as a result, you will have improved gaming, graphic interactive Medias on your smart phone.

Improved visual ability is the outcome of adapting Vulkan API support. More clarity, crisp, undistorted images makes your viewing experience an incredible feast.  The features make you graphics and video games, in a more vibrant manner, which was only you, could have in high resolution of laptops and desktops.

Daydream Virtual Reality

The Daydream is a virtual reality app developed by Google and will be available with Android O for the first time.  Google announced the new app during Google I/O 2016, and you will have the full version by November 2016.  Daydream VR will be a replacement for Google Cardboard, and you will have the “Daydream Ready” kit ready to use on any compatible handsets.  The compatibility will be an issue for the time being, and you will have to wait until the new generation Nexus Phone 2016 hit on the market.  Most of the leading smartphones manufacturers are planning to release Daydream VR supporting handsets early by the year 2018 or by the end of 2016 as per industry reports.

With end era of Cardboard app, you will have highly feature packed Virtual Reality platform on Android O. It comes with a full set of hardware and software.  The new platform allows you to discover easily and use VR content than ever before by the provided VR headset and equipment with control features.   You will find the operation easy to manage.

Allo and Duo

The feature description on Android O Review will never complete without knowing about Allo and Duo.  Allo is the new messaging app of Google.  It encompasses the incredible search technology of Google, without compromising on security technology and machine learning abilities. The app will help you to do quick web research and all other related business activities without ceasing any other activities.  In addition, Allo has an incredible ability to prompt reply messages, by using its artificial intelligence interface.  It can suggest answers by reading through the messages and pictures received on your smart phone.

Go beyond the possibilities of encrypting messages, by activating “Incognito Chat” and in doing so, you can have end-to-end encryption.  You can set an expiry date for the message.  This will let you have the sent message automatically expired after a certain set period.

Duo is an incredible video calling app that can make the video calling a happy and fun filled experience.  The superb video quality will give you an implausible video streaming beyond your imagination. You will have many safety features, such as “Knock Knock”, which will let you know the identity of the caller before you pick up the call.  People using slow net connection also can experience continued high-quality video streaming by using this app.

That is the reason the software experts says, Allo and Duo are the notable features of Android O.

The new camera app:

With Developer Preview 2, we had an improved version camera app.  However, you can have all the latest updates of camera apps on Google Play Store.  People who do not regularly visit on Google Play Store, the Developer Preview 2 will give an opportunity to engage with the new features offering in the camera apps.  You can see some drastic changes on the shutter button and the slow motion video button. The video button has found its place in the slide in the menu.

The video camera mode incorporated with still capturing feature, which let the user take still pictures while shooting a video event. There will be an additional shutter button appears while you do the video recording.  Just tap this second shutter to take the still picture and you can have the still image at the Gallery.  It is an excellent feature, and you do not have to run for a second camera device to take still pictures while doing a video shooting.

Launcher shortcuts:

You can find better shortcut options with Android O.  You can use the launcher to keep the shortcuts from the apps and use for composing messages quickly and searching other applications.

Most recently used app shortcut:

This is very useful when you use multi-window.  When you double tap the Overview button, the system will take you back to the recently used application.  If you again double tap, the system will take you back application just left.  For copying and pasting from different windows or apps, this will be a fantastic option.

Night mode feature:

The night mode was available in the beta version of Marshmallow but it we could not see the feature in the final version of the release.  The night mode has made a comeback in the Android O, and it has kept as a hidden feature.  To activate it, you have to slide down the notification shade and log press the Setting shortcut.  Watch for the prompt appears and says, System UI Tuner Unlocked.

From here onwards, you can make the changes to Night Mode, and you will have various options.  You can go for manual or automatic setting.  Once you kept the setting on automatic mode, the device will set the parameters required for your photo shoot. Play around the various options, to get the best results.  The results will be fascinating, and you can have most of the advanced features that you can see on a professional camera.

Multimode language support:

Another excellent feature with Android O is multi-language compatibility.  The new Android OS uses Multi-Locale Mode allowing users to add multiple languages and use it as per their priority. You have to select and list the language as per the priority.  You can choose the language as per your requirement by just tapping on the language menu. If the app does not support the selected language, then it will choose the next available language from the priority list.

Number blocking and call screening:

The new Android O 8.0 has improved number locking and call screening features.  The call screening features help the user to block certain unwanted calls.  The feature will work to stop receiving calls or making calls or texting to blacklisted contacts.  The API will interact with the service providers with the blacklisted contacts and after the process; unwanted callers cannot disturb you.

Emergency information on your lock screen:

It is indeed an essential feature, helpful in the event of an emergency, especially if you are unable to open your locked screen.  The new feature on Android O will allow you to provide a link to your personal information such as name, address, blood group, next to kin, allergies, and other essential information, in case if you are involved in an accident or emergency and unable to unlock your phone or communicate. The feature has both positive and adverse side on its utility-scale, as you won’t like to share your personal information with an unknown person if you lost your phone or in the event somebody steals off your phone. However, its positive sides are equally strong to support the arguments for having emergency information on your lock screen.

Improved specification:

What makes it stand taller than its competitors and predecessors?  The new Android O helps your smart phone run much faster, and it can do excellent performance even on low configuration smart phones.  Google has made a lot of revamping on the OS and simplified the operational features by dropping many of the unwanted systems or improved the system to give enhanced productivity.  The innovations of the OS began on Android 4.4 KitKat, and we are today having this most advanced Android OS with packed up features.

Feature improvisation was always a top priority with Google, and you can experience what exactly meant by innovation while experiencing the difference on Doze Marshmallow version and the Android O version.  The new Doze version as an intelligent feature where it can figure out the idle time and thus save the much precious battery power by scaling down the app usages that are not essential while the phone is idle.

The Doze in Android O is smart enough to jump into action, whenever the phone is not in use. It will not wait for the long idle time to get into action.   The power consumption required powering the background apps also drastically reduced by Doze features.   Installation of Apps will be 85% faster than the previous OS, and the storage space utilization will be less than 50 percentages of previous Android OS.  Android O can provide a consolidated positive operational convenience, storage, and quick responsive actions.

Smart updates:

Continuous updating is the positive feature of Android.  Many a time you will find the system acts funny while using the app and the system automatically slips in to updating in the background.   This may create a lot of inconveniences, and you have to wait until the updating is over and have to start redoing your job. Android O had incorporated features to manage these issues.

In Android O, you can have uninterrupted updating features without disturbing your ongoing activities. Therefore, in effect, you will have updates on one side and your work on the other side.  You can have simultaneous actions, in the background, the dates will continue uninterrupted while using the phone.  Therefore, you will have both actions simultaneously.

Get your Android 8.0 O Developer Preview 4

The much-awaited Android O 8.0 has hit on the stalls with all the Application Program Interface.  Many developers have already started creating apps compatible with Android O.  You can find compatible apps in Google Play Store.  Some of the known beta versions apps are Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify and Nova Launcher.

The final version of the Android O will be hitting the market anytime from now.  People who already subscribed for Android Beta Program shall be getting update notice any time.  If you have not subscribed for Android O OS Developer Preview 4, you can download it manually from Android O Developer Preview download page.

Sign up for Android Beta Program:

Anybody can download Android Beta Program. Google has simplified the downloading formalities, and it is easily available through the internet and you do not have to flash your smart phone camera over the factory images.  If you have a compatible device to sign up for Android Beta Program, then you can download the beta program automatically.

Presently the Preview build of Android 8.0 O is available with Nexus line of handsets. The following Nexus models support the Android OS.

  • Nexus 9 4G (Volantis)
  • Nexus Player (Fugu)
  • Pixel C (Ryu)
  • Nexus 5X (Bullhead)
  • Nexus 6 (Shamu)
  • Nexus 6P (Angler)
  • Nexus 9 (Volantis)

Confusion about 3D Touch support:

It will be disappointing news for Android fans that the Android 8.0 O Developer Preview will not be having 3D Touch as much anticipated. Google’s version of 3D application is Force Touch, which will not be ready to use during the final release of Android O. There are many expectations about Force Touch and its abilities to revolutionize the use of Android application.

Threat of ransomware eliminated:

Ransomware is a malicious nuisance software block the access of your device, despite you have the password and until you pay a ransom amount to release your password. This is one of the biggest cyber security issues of the time, and people and establishments have lost lots of money to clear out the mess.

The Android O will have security features to take care of the issues and protect system users from ransomware. The Android OS will not allow users to invoke a command to block an already set password.  The Android ransomware will make sure that the user can reset the password; only if there is no password exists.

Only Developer Previews:

Until the final version of Android 8.0 hit on the stall, users have to experiment the beta versions released as Developers Previews.   The Developer Previews you can directly download from the developer’s site and Nexus handsets compatible to use Android O will be getting notification previews.  Simultaneously, the links will be available for public downloading along with Sony and HTC compatible handsets.


People with new Google device or device compatible for Android O can download the Developer Preview version and experience the beta testing.  As said, some of the HTC and Sony handsets will also be able to download the Developer Preview.  Once the Developer Preview installed on your handset, you shall be getting updates for further versions.  Once you have the Android Beta Program, it would be easy for you to upgrade to the full version at the time of its release.

It is not just Nexus handsets:

Presently you can download Android Beta Program to Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel C and Nexus Player.  In addition, you can also download the Android Beta Program to Sony Xperia Z3, models comprising D6603 and D6653.

How can you join with Android Beta Program?

If you have any of the recommended handsets, simply sign in to Google account.  Select the devices shown in the list matching to your device.  This will let you enroll with Android Beta Program, and you will be directed for Over – The – Air Android update.

Take precautions before downloading the beta version:

You should know what you are doing before you start downloading any beta version program. Since Android O presently available only in Beta Version, you can expect a lot of bugs and operational issues. Therefore, it is better not to download the Beta Version with your daily using device.  In addition, it would be safe not use the beta version for your banking and other important financial transactions.  Since there could be a lot of operational anomalies expected it would be better to keep a safe working plan rather than regretting later.

Checking your phone to update with Android O:

You must be anxious about knowing how to check your phone to update with Android O.  It is very simple.  Open the setting menu and scroll down to “About Phone,” which you can see at the bottom of the menu.  Tap the menu and select for “System Updates.”  Once you taped this menu, the system will start the search for Android updates.

If your updates are ready, accept and wait for the download to complete.  After completion, install the software.  Normally you have to do a phone restart.  Reboot your handset and you are ready with Android O. It is time for you to experience the plethora of Android wonders.


The Android O reviews published in various print media, and online publications were unanimous in endorsing the product for its efficiency and versatile features.  The OS is more than equal to a desktop OS and capable of handling most of the advanced features, as remarked in a leading Android O review.  The OS is responsive with fabulous interactive features, surpassing all conventional expectations a handset OS can do.

It’s compatible feature never conflicted with any third party applications and offered smooth interaction.  This will be a surprising experience since we are reading these test reports based on a Beta Version of Android O.  Whenever we test with a new product, it will be followed by huge caveat, warning us unexpected twists and bungling. When we compare its features side by side, we can find many of the features are simply superb.


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