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What is Auto Reboot and why you need it?

Since the launch, Android has never looked back in creating a large market for smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy C10. Mainly due to the easy to engage user interface and a variety of features it has to offer. However, every quality thing comes with maintenance efforts and Samsung Galaxy C10 is no exception to that. For your smartphone to keep working at its best, you need to do a maintenance check periodically. Reboot is one of the important steps to ensure proper working of your mobile phone. It restarts your device which clears any temporary glitch and boosts phone’s speed. And clearly, Samsung Galaxy C10 Auto Reboot is what reboots your phone automatically without you having to worry about it.

Available options for Auto Reboot Samsung Galaxy C10

A very few number of Android handsets have the features of Auto Rebooting which can schedule as per your requirements. Samsung and HTC in the current market are the only two brands which are offering this facility in the phone settings itself. But these models are post-2015 having Android 5.0 or higher. For all others which are the major number or models, Dread Development has your back. Developers at Dread Development have designed an app to take care of your Samsung Galaxy C10’s auto reboot. The app is called Reboot Scheduler and is available at Play Store at a nominal price. This app takes care of your Samsung Galaxy C10so that you don’t have to worry about your phone’s periodic auto rebooting.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Reboot Scheduler

Reboot Scheduler is a very user-friendly app that provides the facility of rebooting your system on just a button press. With so many options and features related to rebooting, Reboot Scheduler is one of the most promising apps amongst likes of it. A simple system boot which can be customized and scheduled, Hot Reboot for when you have no time to wait, Boot to Recovery to factory reset and updating and Boot to bootloader in download mode, this app provides all. You can also clear all app cache as well as Dalvik-cache to boost your Samsung Galaxy C10 performance. All this and trust of the brand comes handy at a one-time cost of installation.

So now you don’t have to worry about rebooting your phone because a very effective app is doing it for you. You can sit back and enjoy your smartphone experience while Reboot Scheduler keeps your Samsung Galaxy C10 optimized.