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If you are looking for the best ways on how to stream and play the very best The Wild Eight on your android mobile, tablet or iPhone, then you have just jumped at the right opportunity…

Tired of playing your favorite PC video game the conventional way? Don’t like to use those old mouse and keyboard or joy pads? Want to have some fun on your thumbs and fingers? Or simply you want to be in the comfort of your bed while playing The Wild Eight? Then we’ve got a solution for ya… Playing The Wild Eight on an android smartphone or tablet has never been easier before. Now you can have all the thrill, fun and action on your fingertips, thanks to an amazing invention that will change your video gaming life completely.

Can I Play The Wild Eight on android or iOS?

Yeah bro… No one is kidding you. Many PC video gamers still do not believe that a heavy game like The Wild Eight can be played with an android or iOS smartphone. Simple reason for not believing this fact is because this is such a heavy game with highest quality of 3d graphics that require an enormous amount of processing power, RAM and a huge graphics card. Smartphones and tablets such as android and iPhone 7 or iPad do not come with such huge specifications that make all PC gamers think that playing The Wild Eight on android or iOS is impossible.

On the other hand, if you have a smartphone or tablet with an octa core processor, 8 GB RAM and 2K or 4K graphics, it will still fail to run and play the action-packed and graphically enhanced The Wild Eight on android smartphone or iOS. These games require a huge amount of power and energy that small devices like android, iPhone or iPad cannot provide.

Keep your eyes opened and mind sharp, you’re about to discover a state-of-the-art tool that will change your PC video gaming life completely. Not only The Wild Eight, but you will be able to stream and play each and every latest PC game on your android device and Apple iPhone and older powered by latest or older iOS version.

Top 7 Reasons Why 21st Century PC Gamers are looking for a Smart Solution?

There are various reasons why 21st century PC gamers are now looking for a comfortable solution to their gaming. Here is why more and more gamers want to play their PC games on an android device, tablet, and iPhone or iPad.

  • Unlike keyboard, mouse and joy pads, smartphones provide a better controlling and scrolling system which makes it easier for the players to play their favorite PC game.
  • Tapping the screen is more fun than pressing the mouse and keyboard again and again.
  • You can sit and play The Wild Eight on android or iPhone anywhere whether it is a sofa, bed, chair or even your home’s lawn. This comfort is not there in PC gaming where you will sit on a fixed place to play your game.
  • You enjoy better control and more privacy.
  • There are no complicated wires and adapters to play your games. Just a smartphone or tablet like iPad, and you’re the best video gamer of the world.
  • You can easily switch between different apps and games while playing The Wild Eight on your android or iOS device.
  • It’s easier than ever to play and succeed different exciting missions and levels of the game.

So how exactly can you play The Wild Eight on your thumbs and fingers?

One good thing about Android and iPhone is the fact that there are apps for everything. From simplest calculator and alarms to complex security and gaming applications, android and iOS provide you everything. So in order to play The Wild Eight on your mobile or tablet, you are going to download and install world’s leading PC gaming app known as Remotr. It is one of the best android and iOS apps that will make you the happiest gamer in the world.

What you have to do is simply download and install Remotr on your mobile, tablet or iPad and follow very simple instructions to make the most out of The Wild Eight.

  • After the successful installation, now it’s time you turn on your Wi-Fi connection and connect both devices the PC and mobile to the internet.
  • Please keep in mind that both of your devices should be connected to the same network for playing The Wild Eight, otherwise it won’t work for you.
  • Now Remotr app will sense the Wi-Fi connection between your PC and mobile.
  • Now find your network in the app and tap on it.

  • Now open the game that you want to play. You will see a mirror of your PC game into your android device.

Tip: If you want to make the most out of The Wild Eight, you should play the game in a Borderless Window. This can be achieved by changing program preference in the game options. But most of the games do not allow Borderless Window in the options menu. Worry not, simply download Windowed Borderless Gaming software in your desktop or laptop and get the best gaming experience via mirror on your android. A green download button for Windowed Borderless Gaming is available on top and bottom of this page, simply click on it and download will begin.

  • Now you surely want to position the game to your comfort. Plus all gaming controls of The Wild Eight must be the way you want. Simply find the icons to the interface editing mode on the left side of your screen and adjust your settings to your preference.

Here are 2 sample remotr gaming screen shots with all gaming controls and options for your maximum comfort.

Remotr app provides an amazing interface for playing all types of PC games on your android and iPhone. It has a user-friendly interface with step by step instructions for better gaming. There are very minor lags while playing and they are totally ignorable considering the high quality of gaming on android & iOS device. If your internet speed is fast, device has better RAM, resolution & processor – you will surely enjoy playing The Wild Eight on android and iOS.