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In this article you will learn how you can port your Galaxy Note 8 ROM on Lenovo Z2 Plus. There are easy ways on how you can perform the method.

Because people want more out of their smartphones, lately there have been many articles regarding different custom ports. Gone are the days when people were just amazed by the features of their smartphones. Now they wish things like better accessibility and controllability with their devices. Custom ports such as from Samsung NOTE8 to Lenovo Z2 Plus allow the users to transform their phone into their desired version in terms of software of their phone and get more out of the usual features of their smartphones. It is particularly useful for people who wish to get some enhanced privileges and want to transform their device into a higher version.


Porting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ROM to Lenovo Z2 Plus is not such a difficult task. All it requires is an open mind and a working ROM with same specifications as your phone i.e. it should have RAM, internal storage, Processor and same Android version as your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In addition, you would need Ubuntu and Dsixda’s Android Kitchen, Notepad and Winrar software. It is always advisable to create a backup of your phone data before you start working, for avoiding any possible loss. This article provides a step-by-step guide for this process, following which you can easily achieve the desired results on Lenovo Z2 Plus. So without any further ado let us just get on with the process.

Step 1:

First, download Galaxy Note 8 ported ROM and TWRP custom recovery. Do remember to move the ported ROM to your device. Store the custom port to the internal storage of your device.

Step 2:

Then switch off your phone and then again restart it in the recovery mode. You can do this by pressing and holding Power and Home and Volume Up buttons together. Release as soon as you see the SAMSUNG logo.

Step 3:

Create a complete NANDROID backup of your device to be safe. You can do it by selecting the BACKUP AND RESTORE from the options.

Step 4:

Do a complete factory reset of your device and clean the Dalvik cache.

Step 5:

After this select the Install from SD Card option from the recovery menu.

Step 6:

Select the recovery zip option from the File Manager. With this, you can complete the flashing process.

Step 7:

Now reboot the Lenovo Z2 Plus from the main menu.

Please note that the device might take some time in starting during the initial boot after the completion of the process. It may take as much as 10 minutes in starting while the NOTE8 ROM boots on your Lenovo Z2 Plus. The users can now experience the features of Galaxy Note 8 on their Lenovo Z2 Plus.
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Tips on how to port Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ROM on Lenovo Z2 Plus. Learn simple ways to port Galaxy Note 8 rom on Lenovo Z2 Plus in 10 minutes.