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Previously we discussed 10 best android VR games for 2017 and this time we are here for telling some awesome tips on how you can setup your beautiful Google Smart Home.

Google Smart Home is a voice-activated speaker, powered by Google assistant. It is a standalone device and does not need the use of Smartphone to make it work. Google home helps you to manage your tasks effectively and efficiently.

15 easy steps to setup your Google Smart Home:

  1. Once you have plugged-in your device, the device will automatically boot itself. You can then download Google home app on your phone.
  2. Open the Google home app and tap on the ‘Accept’ button, which means you agree to Google’s term and conditions.
  3. Now you begin the setup process. When the application establishes the connection to Google home, the device plays a test sound. You need to tap on the ‘Play Test’ sound button, which helps you to confirm that your device is connected.
  4. If you can hear the sound, tap on ‘I heard the sound’ button otherwise try again.
  5. Now you need to select the room in which your Google home device has stored. Tap on ‘select a room’ button and choose the place.
  6. Connect your Google home to your WiFi network. Select your WiFi network from the list of network prompted by Google Home. Enter the password of your WiFi network and click to ‘continue.’
  7. Upon connection of WiFi, you need to sign in to your Google account. If you have logged into other applications of Google, you just have to tap the ‘continue as’ button.
  8. The next screen will ask your permission to access your personal information. This will help to provide you with a better result. Select either the ‘allow’ or the ‘skip’
  9. Set up your location and give Google permission to access it.
  10. Choose whether you want to receive an email notification from Google Home.
  11. Now you need to select the streaming music provider, which you decide to use with your Google Home. You will also have the option to choose Pandora or Spotify for the music option.
  12. For few minutes, your Google Home will update itself. Wait for it to complete the updating. After updating, reboot the device.
  13. When Google home finishes rebooting, you can go through the tutorial for understanding better functioning. You can also tap the ‘skip tutorial’ button.
  14. You can now go to ‘Google Home Setting’ for better customization choices.
  15. Now your Google home is ready to go. You simply have to say ‘Google OK’ to make it start working.

Bottom Line

Google Home offers many features like Amazon Echo, helps to deliver better-organized performances.  It has an array of features like playing music, looking for an answer to questions, allowing showing videos and pics on your TV monitor and managing Smart Home.

If you have your personalized ideas and tips on how to setup Google Smart Home, do use the comments section below.