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In this small tutorial you will learn a simple trick to transform your Gionee A1 lite user interface into iPhone 7 UI within 2 minutes or less.

Information technology occupies the prime place in its fast growth in today’s uncertain economic scenario. As you can clearly notice, that world is shrinking day by day with the increase of mobile phone technology. Due to the growing use of cell phones such as Gionee A1 lite or iPhone 7, the phone features also started improving. Today, the new generation cell phones are available with a variety of features such as camera, player, web browser, etc.

One of the most commonly used mobile operating system these days are Android which is also installed on Gionee A1 lite. The software comprises the operating system and critical applications to run the software. Gionee A1 lite comes with an Android market like online software store developed by Google. It helps the users to enjoy and download free applications.

There are around 200,000 games, apps, and widgets written in Java programming language. Now the dominating Android’s position is facing tough challenges from iPhone 7 and iPad with fantastic features than Androids. Nevertheless, is there a chance for a middle-class person who owns Android to buy expensive sets such as iPhone 7? Yes, of course, it is possible by transforming the Android device into iPhone 7 by installing the required apps.

An iPhone is much more expensive than Android. But, Android phones are budget-friendly and do the same work like other expensive sets. In this article, you will find the tactics to turn your Gionee A1 lite into iPhone7 to enjoy the life experiences without spending an extra penny.

Installing the apps with Launcher

You cannot install iOS into your phone but thanks to some android developers you can install some of the craziest launchers in your phone that will transform you Gionee A1 lite UI into iPhone 7.

Plus 8 Launcher:

It is one of the best apps allows you to transform an Android phone into iPhone7. You can free download the app from your Google Play store with the same look as iPhone.

You can also create shortcuts and folders with a lock screen. The best part of the app is that it does not require rooting the device.

Installing OS9 Launcher:

This app has its own features with a common theme.

By downloading OS 9 Launcher, you can turn your Gionee A1 lite into an iPhone 7 with a variety of themes to present your device a distinct look.

Installing Espier Launcher:

The best method of turning your Gionee A1 lite into iPhone 7 is by downloading the Espier launcher. It has developed from the ground up to the springboard on IOS. Unlike other themes, it comes out with spotlights like Search, Files, and Folders with Jiggle mode.

Therefore, when you are installing the above apps, it does not need the device to wipe away the cache memory or factory reset. Thus, experience the novelty of apps by downloading any one of the above said apps to turn your Gionee A1 lite into an iPhone with its smart look and striking features without any extra investment on mobile phones.