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The entire universe has gone digital, and everything is now operated using computers and mobile phones. Integrating Android apps in classrooms has been a great achievement and movement in the field of learning. When using Android apps technology, it is easy to create classes, distribute courses assignments and submit any work online using phones through the email. There are many educational apps for android free download that offer the best learning and reading services for students.

Android phones transform the classrooms into a web platform where the teachers and students can get access and interact with ease through class work and other teaching sessions. Here are eight of the renowned Android apps that can transform your classroom for effective and efficient learning.

  1. Dictionary Application for Android
    As the teacher, it is vital that you improve the reading skills of your students to enhance their performance. With the Android dictionary app, your students will be able to look for word definitions, learn the correct pronunciation, and the correct spelling. It will help the students improve on grammar and English in general. Oxford dictionary app is widely used and highly recommended because it is a free app. You will be amazed at how this app works well with students, and it is easy to search for words you are interested.

    2. Google Classroom Application
    If you are an institutional director and looking for the best android educational apps for students, here is a solution for you. The Google Classroom app offers the best learning platform for the students and teachers as well as other people due to its ease of access. The app helps the students to stay organized in due classes, upload and submit their assignments and access the learning materials posted by their teachers. The app also has a communication option with an integration of Google Drive that creates an interaction platform in the classroom. To start up with this app in your classroom, you are only required to set up the Google app education account, and all is set.

    3. Google Helpouts Android Application
    As a teacher, you can transform any place into a classroom using this app. Google Helpouts help you to set up videos of which you can use to teach people randomly and earn yourself some extra bucks. Through this app, you will be able to have one on one session with your students to improve their learning that could be impossible when teaching the whole class in general.

    4. Slack Android Application
    This app is meant to make communication easier when there is a project that requires the collaboration of the entire class. This app works perfectly for group projects in the class as the students, and the teachers can be able to communicate on the progress of the projects and share ideas on how they can get the best results out of the project. It transforms the whole class into one group where all the issues related to the project are handled efficiently and timely. This app can also be used perfectly with other apps such us Google Hangouts to facilitate communication.

  2. Draw/Tell Application
    Creativity in students is a desire for all teachers. It signifies that your students can think beyond the classroom activities and interpret things from different points of view. Draw and tell the Android app is an incredible app that creates the creativity of your students especially the kids. Using this app, the teacher can instruct the students to draw anything and come with a story of their creation. This app will create a real interaction in the classroom where the students can express their thoughts and any improvements done instantly.

    6. Edmodo Android Application
    Edmodo Android Application is a virtual classroom app and ranks among the top educational Android apps. The app creates a virtual classroom where students can ask questions, submit assignments, and interact with the teachers. The teachers can monitor the progress of the students and attend to the needs of each based on the analysis of their weaknesses. The teachers can teach using video tutorials, photos and other files, which are uploaded by the students directly from this app. The app also contains a grading book where the teachers can post the students grades and the students will be in a position of seeing them immediately.

    7. Google Drive Android Application

    This app is one of the best teaching apps for teachers that can transform your classroom. Through this app, the Teachers can upload assignments for the students and provide download links through which the students download the course materials during their leisure time. The collaboration of documents, presentations as well as the spreadsheets help the students to work together, and the teacher can easily track their progress. Integration of this app is a powerful tool in transforming your classroom as it is free to start up and requires minimal data charges, which make it more affordable to use even in the less privileged learning institutions.

    8. Ted-Ed Android Application
    Ted-Ed Android Application is a widely used app by teachers worldwide. Teachers use it to test the student’s curiosity and explore their skills in making good presentations. Most teachers use it to add content to the learning topics, which gives the students a wide range of study. You can also arrange for an online essays order from prolific writers to improve your student’s knowledge of English and their reading skills. Ted-Ed is an outstanding app and a useful classroom resource that every teacher should consider using due to its innovativeness. It gives an opportunity to students to help in creating lessons by choosing the materials to be included in their learning. It creates real interactions and a good learning atmosphere in the classrooms.

    The above eight apps can help you as a teacher to transform your class and ease the learning process. They are easier to use even for the startups and can bring out a diversified change if fully incorporated into education. Even though education is crucial in modern society, it is also important to have fun. Students should use mobile games and entertaining apps as well as educational. Most students are interested in mobile phones and the modern technology in general thus their learning interests will be rejuvenated when these apps are integrated into their learning process.