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Android Oreo 8.0 Update For Infinix Zero 5 has been unvealed and it is available for end users to download. If you are looking for the latest upgrade method, this is just the place for you.

After the final release of Infinix Zero 5 Android Oreo 8.0 update, many Android users have started to make the best use out of it. Many test results got released for Android Oreo during the testing period, and after its official release, there are many things to talk about the all new Android 8.0 Oreo.

The highlights of Android Oreo are as follows:

  • The About page on your Infinix Zero 5 will have the full details regarding Android 8.0, and it shall carry a sweet desert name.
  • The System User Interface tuner has now been completely customized with many different options, starting from the navigation bar, picture within picture mode and the lock screen.
  • The camera app will no longer have any tweaks in them, and it has a new button that can use to switch between video recording and camera modes.
  • The cellular network connection and Wi-Fi icons found in the status bar have gone way back to the normal side, with the Wi-Fi icon returning to the rightful position on their left.
  • Within the Infinix Zero 5 battery settings, a nifty animation has been created to showcase the battery charging up the current percentage of the phone.
  • The android oreo app notifications like YouTube and Spotify have an integrated cover art on them.
  • The app icons have changed into the shape of a teardrop, with an addition to the standard circle, square and squircle shapes (rounded square).
  • The notification dot setting has a new shortcut within the Pixel launcher.

The Infinix Zero 5 Android Oreo features:

Some of the Android Oreo features for Infinix Zero 5 do hide under their hood, yet, some show up immediately upon the surface. This new version has core features like good security level, battery life and frequent updates to the software and much more. The hardware support in Android Oreo 8.0 features HRD displays and Hi-Fi via Bluetooth. The notifications, picture within a picture and the updated emojis are some of the notable surface features.

About the core features:

  • It has a new power saving technology
  • Easy updates
  • App rebooting and phone rebooting time is faster after Infinix Zero 5 Android Oreo update.
  • The apps now work better
  • The Wi-Fi aware helps in popping out the available Wi-Fi connections that are available to access within the range
  • The new autofill has revolutionized the password management

Android Oreo saves Infinix Zero 5 power

To protect the battery life and the performance of Infinix Zero 5, the Android Oreo that was released recently has an automatic limit on the background apps and shall control them when the battery reaches a critical condition. The background limits include implicit broadcasts, location updates, and other background services. This means very less amount of energy gets consumed and ultimately the user can enjoy a longer battery life.


The Android Oreo for Infinix Zero 5 has made it easier to identify the applications that might consume most of your battery power. Whatsapp or Facebook are the ones that end up in the highly battery power consumable apps. With the help of this new Android version 8.0, the users can check the apps that are draining the battery with the background activities, or any other thing, and get rid of them in no time.

Easy and earlier updates

With the new Project Table, the Android Oreo for Infinix Zero 5 will have a vendor interface, which means that the Android will be modular so that the creators/manufacturers shall make use of the vendor interface to access the implementations from the internal component vendors. This shall help the users get frequent Android updates. The whole idea is to speed up the manufacturers to let the users of the device get their updates at the same exact time it gets released shortly.

Faster and smoother apps

Infinix Zero 5 Android Oreo update has made some new optimizations with the system so that every user of it can easily increase the app to perform better and to restart the device faster like never before.

The Google Play Protect, which shall work as a background service, shall optimize the security level on the Android device. It also analyzes the behavior of your apps to detect any malware and remove them from your device and even from the Play Store.

Google is also pressuring up the Infinix Zero 5 app developers to increase the stability and performance of their apps soon. If the stability level of an app falls below 25 percent, then the Play Store shall remove the app permanently from the store.

Wi-Fi Aware

The Wi-Fi Aware works in a way to communicate between two devices through the Wi-Fi signals, without the need to connect to an internet connection.

Autofill password management

The Android Oreo update for Infinix Zero 5 will have all your passwords managed under the central place.

This will bring a good level of convenience to make use of them and shall increase the overall security level to protect them from getting attacked by any malware. The users need not copy and paste their usernames and passwords anymore. The autofill forms shall automatically fill down the required fields in a page with the username and passwords that you have saved in Infinix Zero 5.

The Hardware support

  • The HDR Displays are now officially supported
  • The device has a better Bluetooth support when compared to the previous Android versions.


The HDR is a fascinating feature that will let the apps define the way to save or display an image on your device. It makes use of wide range of colors to bring out the best display in your device. The Google has said that these HDR displays are highly useful for the image processing apps.

Better Bluetooth Support

The Android Oreo for Infinix Zero 5 has a high-quality Bluetooth audio and other codecs like LDAC installed in them. Sony has been helping Google with the development of LDAC, has made some significant changes in the wireless audio technology. The LDAC can easily transfer a high volume of data, at a bit rate of about 990 kbps.

This will result in a better audio quality for the devices that run with the Android Oreo. There is also a new AAudio that has been specially designed to provide higher performance and low latency audio quality for certain apps. The data that gets played through the AAudio stream can now easily read and save to your Infinix Zero 5.

The Surface features

  • Text selection has become smarter like never before
  • New round emojis
  • Notification channels and dots
  • Adaptive icons
  • Picture within Picture
  • Search and find app information

The text selection gets smarter

The copy and pasting in a Infinix Zero 5 with Android 8.0 Oreo OS has become easier and smarter. This has achieved by making use of machine learning so that the Android can easily recognize the time you are trying to copy and paste a URL, address or a phone number. It helps in selecting the whole thing automatically, instead of just selecting one word initially.

In having the features, Android Oreo for Infinix Zero 5 is a step ahead in saving time and effort to execute suggestive comments without given an external comment. The intelligent process will read the instruction and start functioning automatically.

Brand new emojis

The Infinix Zero 5 emojis have completely revamped on Android Oreo and give an entirely new look.

The new ones are very much closer to the standard ones that are mostly using in other platforms like Whatsapp and iOS.

The Adaptive icons

The app icons can easily adapt automatically to the manufacturer’s user interface. The app icons shall appear different on every device that is running in Android Oreo. The app icon can appear circular within the launcher and square in another.

Notification channels and dots

The Google has brought changes to the Infinix Zero 5 notifications by inventing the Notification channels and dots. The users now get a good control over their notifications. One can even block or change the notification settings. The channels are visually grouped together upon the notification shade.

Gaming has become a fun thing

With the newest advanced and enhanced capability of Android Oreo, your Infinix Zero 5 is going to be a real gaming king.

It will now become easier for you to enjoy heavy games which were previously only meant for high end devices.

Easily accessible widgets

The widgets in Android Oreo are easily accessible as they have integrated to the home screen. The users can now make a long press upon the icon of the app, to which they need to create a widget and then access them easily.

Search and find app info

The Infinix Zero 5 has a new search feature after android 8.0update, which lets the user get the app info easily. One can access the app info to quit the app or to delete the cache or manage other permissions.

Picture within Picture

With the picture within picture mode, multitasking has become easier in Infinix Zero 5.

The user can open an app or even play a video in a small sized window, instead of opening them up side by side. Apps like YouTube, Maps, and Netflix do support this new multitasking feature. You can drag the androd oreo window to any place within the screen and can close anytime too.


With so many tweaks, the Infinix Zero 5 Android Oreo update will always remain as the best Android version that has released for the mobile devices until now. The best thing about this version is that it highly focused on all the problems that were highly discussed by many developers to find out a solution for them.

An ordinary mobile phone user would need an extra battery life, and it is the most crucial aspect, people started complaining especially when they start using smartphones. With the new release of Android Oreo, users can feel the difference of extended battery life will and can use their Android device continuously without having any worries.

So what are you waiting for? It is good time for you to download Android Oreo update for Infinix Zero 5 and make the most out of every tap.