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The iOS 10 – A big, bold and brilliant makeover for iOS 9


Apples biggest release of the year, iOS 10 is now official and available for various devices. Find what’s new and exciting about the most sophisticated operating system of 2016-2017.

Apple has always introduced a complete redesign of iOS versions effectively. The all-new iOS 10 is the next generation OS for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Apple has unveiled its official version recently. As announced by CEO of Apple Tim Cook, it is certainly the biggest and most comprehensive OS release for every iOS user. This operating system has several updates for features, services, and apps.

Looking into the history of the developments, we can see that iOS 7 was a comprehensive redesign that took away rich textures and introduced physics-based interactions.

The revolutionary iOS 8 version decoupled activities as well as features from apps and permitted them to extend to several other devices and interfaces.

The smarter iOS 9 has been consistent with intelligence and pro-activity. The new iOS 10 has come up with much more advances that offer flexible messaging, easy accessible Siri, convenient and continual notifications and a cleaner experience.

The new iOS 10 includes fresh APIs as well as services, which brings new features and apps. These apps are having extended efficiently to offer better engaging functionality.

Significant updates and features

An important feature of iOS 10 is the compatibility. Apple has included every thirty-two bit devices from iOS 10 compatibility. It has excluded the many older iPhone models from the compatibility list, which even included devices with non-Retina devices.

Specifically, iOS 10 is compatible with the sixth generation iPod touch, iPhone versions (5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus), iPad versions (mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, fourth generation, Air, Air 2, Pro 9.7 inch and Pro 12.9 inch).

It has introduced several lockscreen updates as an integral part of iOS 10. Apple has removed the slide to unlock feature, which was one of the identity gestures that always defined as the real iPhone experience. Now, it has gone in iOS 10.

Instead, ‘Press home to unlock’ has replaced it or ‘Press home to open’ if there is Touch ID authentication. There are several other lock screen amendments too, which reiterates the Apple identity.

Raise to wake feature and Notification updates

One of the updates is a sleeper hit, which can change one’s regular iPhone routine. It has a ‘raise to wake‘ feature. You just need to raise iPhone to wake it up. You can view the notifications the moment you raise the phone. Notification features are more interactive in iOS 10.

All the lockscreen notifications are in bubble form now. You can activate the concealed menu by utilizing the three-dimensional touch features, which help to display the menu on the phone screen.

The 3D touch-enabled notification even works better for messages. It permits to respond immediately the moment you picked up the phone, even without leaving lockscreen. The 3D touch can use invariably in apps such as weather, stocks, calendar, etc., to view the information quickly.

Fast clicks on iOS 10

We can experience more advanced camera app option in iOS 10 when comparing to older iOS versions. You just need to swipe right from the lock screen to get camera app.

It helps to take videos and photos faster. None will feel that a hardware trigger is required anymore! At bottom right, a camera switch button is set to bring selfie cam up.

Easy texting with fun

Sending messages are more interesting and thrilling in iOS 10. You can send messages in your own handwriting. The receiver will see it animate as flowing ink. You can change the look of message bubbles. Apple has even introduced two amazing updates, namely ‘Let’s celebrate and invisible ink.

This lovely feature ‘Let’s celebrate’ in iOS 10 allows you to express the greetings with animations that take over the whole screen. By invisible ink feature, you can send picture or message in a hidden form. A swipe can disclose it.

You can add a personal touch to the messages you send just by sending sketches, heartbeats, fireballs, and more. It even lets you draw over the videos. Over the bubbles, you can add stickers. It is now available in App store for iMessage. Explore! The fantastic feature allows you to replace words with emoji. You just need to tap on it.

Messages in iOS 10 can support website links too. You can view the website’s content preview in the message feed. The built-in camera tool permits the snapping of the image quickly.

Tapping on the picture in messages will bring up editing tools to make image parameter adjustments such as saturation, exposure, brightness, and so on. There is a mark-up feature to annotate the images with sketches or text.

Tapback features for quick responses

The new iOS 10 has Tapback quick responses. There are 6 rapid responses available. You can just tap to send one to let other know what you think.

The brilliant iMessage apps and Siri

There are several iMessage apps introduced in iOS 10. The animated background and bubble effect makes iMessages very attractive and exciting. Using it, you can easily do content creation and sharing, make payments, etc.  All these actions can execute without sending messages.

One important feature is that Siri is open to all the apps from App store. It enables to transfer money, book a ride, and much more. The new iOS 10 allows Siri to integrate with third party apps through new ‘SiriKit.’ Several commands such as ‘call mom on Skype’ are available. Six major functions like photo search, VoIP calling, ride booking, payments, messaging and workouts are available.

Due to privacy concerns, SiriKit functionality is limited. In necessary or unavoidable situations, only the third party apps can access Siri, and that is too keeping the information of user locked down.

Redesigned Maps

The iOS 10 helps you to find routes by its fantastically redesigned maps. Within the Maps, you can book an ‘Uber ride,’ or even book table via ‘OpenTable’ app. The street smarter feature in maps offers proactive suggestions for places you wish to go and the fastest possible route to reach there.

You can even get information on what is happening in your route. It also offers easy search for spots where you can get coffee, food, petrol, etc.! Maps can give you an estimated time requirements to cover the distance to the destination.

Smart home app

The iOS 10 has a new Home app that allows you to unlock doors, raise window blinds, turn on lights, and more at the same moment.

Redesigned music feature

The design of this operating system is very intuitive and simple. You can enjoy songs easily. While listening to songs, you can even see the transcripts.

Easy typing facility

You will have contextual predictions, whenever you try to type a word! To type with iOS 10 is simpler and faster. Suppose you need to type, ‘I am available at.’ Then, you can see the free time in your phone calendar popping up. It gives suggestions such as location, contacts or calendar availability in messages too. It is an attractive option, which makes one’s task easy and saves time, too.

Multilingual typing is also possible with iOS 10. Without keyboard switching, you can type in two different languages at same time. It can detect the change of languages automatically.

Rediscover your cherished memories!

Another feature is that it enables easy to search. You can search your photos by the things or people in them – like the puppy, beach, cats, etc. The photos app beautifully presents your past. It helps you in remembering your cherished memories and creating beautiful videos.

The photos app is so intelligent one to scan the photo library without any hassle. Based on the information given, photos are grouped using powerful search features of iOS 10.

There is a ‘People album,’ which groups images featuring people. The app takes care of grouping images appropriately based on the facial recognition. ‘Memories’ tab utilizes date, image recognition, location, etc., to group the photos based on particular days, family events, vacation trips, and more.

It helps you in revisiting the photos regularly. You can even watch video montages of photos with titles, music, and more.

High privacy levels

Apple gives great importance to user’s privacy. Therefore, in iOS 10, on-device intelligence is using for identification of objects, individuals, and scenes in photos.

It also uses ‘QuickType’ suggestions. When one shares some valuable data for Apple services such as maps or Siri, it encrypts the data. This information is not usable for building user profiles.

Deletion of pre-installed apps

Stock apps are always a burden. Obviously, you will have several pre-installed apps that come with your iOS device, and you may love to delete some of them often. In iOS 10, you can easily remove the apps, which are not in use.

Now to make things easy, Apple has moved several built-in applications to the app store. You can delete and even re-download the app anytime.

The apps that you can remove in iOS 10 are Mail, FaceTime, calendat, iBooks, compass, Home, Maps, reminders, videos, contacts, find my friends, news, podcasts, iTunes Store, iCloud Drive, music, weather, watch app, tips, voice memos and stocks.

Technically speaking these apps are not permanently removed from the handset but they are still part of base OS. In fact, they are not visible for the time being. The removal of built-in applications deletes the hooks and user preferences. Re-downloading the deleted apps will restore the hidden functionality.

The other main features

A significant improvement is AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon feature that permits reliable wireless connections to the printer from the iOS devices. It provides username/password protected printing. You can create PDFs in iOS 10 from the print panel.


The new iOS 10 is a powerful innovation of Apple that can definitely enhance the functionality as well as user experience. Now Apple has introduced a fresh, futuristic operating system with a proper redesign, improved intelligence, and fresh architecture.

Better experience assured in interactions at each moment! The iOS 10 is rich with differential privacy feature, which permits Apple to collect data and patterns of customer usage from a huge number of user with no compromise on individual security. It enhances QuickType and several other features. Explore and experience the powerful features of iOS 10.