Is “Certification Training” at Edureka worth it?

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Is “Certification Training” at Edureka worth it?

For those fresher’s who are trying hard to achieve their goals and for those professionals, who are now getting it hard to compete with the current techniques and technologies, Online Training Providing Portals like the Edureka is the best option to achieve your goals and for being upgraded with the changing times.

But many of us have doubts about Edureka and the value of its Certificate. So go through the article and know all about Edureka, its course, services and success stories to clear your doubts and to choose the right path.

About Edureka

Edureka is one of the best and fastest growing online training provider for freshers and professionals. Despite of being a commercial portal, its vision and mission is to provide various training for all and help them to achieve their goals. And till date, it has helped many individuals to achieve their goal who are now working in big corporate houses, living their desired life. You can use edureka coupon from the given website if you are going to enroll.

Courses Offered

Edureka introduces various masters programs as well as many certification training courses based on different zone of corporate world for freshers and professionals to help them achieve their goals and for being upgraded with the changing times. Because the generation is faster than earlier, everyday it is changing, new techniques and technologies are being launched. So does Edureka also, keep upgrading their courses for better results.

Master Programs:

  1. Big Data Architect Master Program,
  2. Cloud Architect Master Program,
  3. DevOps Engineer Master Program,
  4. Data Scientist Master Program,
  5. Full Stack Developer Master Program, and
  6. Data Analyst Master Program.

Certification Training Programs:

  1. Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training,
  2. DevOps Certification Training,
  3. Data Science Certification Training, Java,
  4. Java EE & SOA Certification Training,
  5. Apache Spark & Scale Certification,
  6. Tableau Training & Certification,
  7. Selenium 3.0 Certification Training,
  8. Python Certification Training,
  9. Splunk Developer & Admin Certification,
  10. MySQL DBA Certification Training, And lots more.

Other Facilities

Apart from the course and study materials, Edureka provides various other facilities to the learners for their growth. It provides personal learning manager to clarify the doubts of the learners, live interactive sessions with experts, special projects based on real life problems, 24/7 online support, access to learners forums for lifetime, and many more.

Success Story of Edureka

The success of an institute is depends on its learners’ success, and the success of Edureka’s learners have made Edureka so successful that now not only individual are joining with it, many corporate houses are joining with it for providing training to their employees and also hiring officials from the Edureka’s Learners Group.

Some of the corporate houses are Coca-Cola, Cisca, Wipro, Dell, walmart, Visa, Citi, Honeywell and others.

Author’s Opinion

After research on Edureka, what I feel is that, Edureka makes the individuals worthy, hence the certificate becomes worthy.

Final Word

So these are all about Edureka, offered courses, provided services and success stories of the learners as well as Edureka. I hope, the article would help you to understand why Edureka is the best option for you to achieve your goals and to be in the toughest competition of corporate world or government sector.  So don’t waste your time to think more, just go to their site and choose the course needed to achieve your goal and for being upgraded. Thank you.


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