Is Google Chrome Best? A Quick Comparison To Its Alternatives

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Previously we discussed about 7 best apps for android wear smartwatches and this time we are back with the Google Chrome comparison with other leading web browsers.

With the numerous browser options coming up, it has become a bit harder for you to land on a selection and stick to it. Most of them are quite similar, with upgrades each and every other day. This makes it even all the more harder for you to just have one.

The web browser still remains an important part of your life despite the numerous apps that have come up. The web browser is the meeting point for all things important. Be it interactive apps, gaming, music, email reader or even video conferencing. You name it, the web browser has it.

Which brings up the question, how do you select the web browser for you?

This is nothing technical really. You can easily download all the browsers there are in a matter of minutes. The only difficult thing may be to select which one feels right for you. This may take a bit of time. Going through all the browsers to find out which one feels right; probably having to install the browsers on your mobile devices just to be sure that the browser can sync all your data.

This article will simplify the selection process for you by breaking down the best browsers available in the market today. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have some insights on what to look out for when it comes to web browsers.

  1. Google Chrome – The best browser of all time

Chrome has to be the best browser out there for one of the simplest reasons. Most internet users are using this browser and a large number of people like that cannot all be wrong.

Apart from being the most popular, it boasts some of the most amazing mobile integration there is. This helps you sync your day between a number of devices with ease.

Signing in to your Google account on one device will enable syncing of all your data.  Be it bookmarks, saved data or any other preferred data you had accessed.

What’s more? Google Chrome is light, fast and easy to use with everything being where it should be. This has just got to be the best browser in the market with a user friendly interface.

Though at times you may get the ‘err_spdy_protocol_error‘ this can easily be fixed by a number of simple things like going on incognito mode.

  1. Mozilla Firefox – Better than the rest

If this article had been written a few years ago, Mozilla would have taken the gold as the best web browser. But, unfortunately, it’s a totally different story today. It’s still a reliable and quick browser but hasn’t aged like fine wine.

It is quite the capable browser but not as clean and fast as an install of the Google Chrome browser.

You can also share your bookmarks in between devices if you have the Firefox mobile app. The only catch is that you have to open a Firefox account and the management of settings across your different platforms won’t be as seamless as on Google Chrome.

This goes down to your personal preference really as Mozilla still gets regular updates.

  1. Opera – A beautiful alternative to Google Chrome

Being that Opera shares most of Google Chrome’s DNA, they have an almost similar if not similar user experience. Both are quite fast and light featuring a hybrid search /URL bar.

The differences between these two browsers come up when you start looking at their built-in features.

They are quite similar which brings you back to having a personal preference. This will only be easier if you selected the one that feels right and easier to use for you.

  1. Edge – The struggling default choice.

This is your Internet Explorer 11 only with fewer icons, smaller borders and a streamlined toolbar that was designed to emulate the new Microsoft Windows 10 UI aesthetic.

A single address bar sits at the top of the page alongside three headline features that are inclusive of Cortana integration, markups and reading view.

We can call it the next generation of the Internet Explorer browser. It is the default Windows browser but gone through a total revamp.

Microsoft keeps rolling out different new features that are platform specific. Downside of the Edge browser is that it does not allow you to customize it much due to it’s slim extension support. Another disadvantage is that for you to sync with an iOS or Android device, you will have to look into getting third party solutions.

This is for you who likes to experiment. You can fire it up and see how well it treats you.

  1. Vivaldi – The new kid on the block that still needs some bit of growth.

Vivaldi is quite the unique browser. No two users have the same type of set up. You will be guided through a set up process the first time you run it. This process will lay out your browser in a way that will only make sense to you. You will be simply customizing it to your liking by selecting where your address bar and tabs go to. You will also get to choose whether you want your tabs will be displayed on a side panel or at the top of your page.

This is a browser that excels at customization and you have a selection of some tasteful themes that will have you excited like a child in a chocolate factory.

If you are the adventurous type and want a different browser approach, then Vivaldi is for you.

The only downside may be that it is only limited to desktops at the moment. Hopefully they come up with a mobile version for this browser then it can give Google Chrome a run for its money.


Apart from the err spdy protocol error on the Google Chrome browser, it seems it takes the number one spot.

If you still have doubts and want to try them all out, feel free to download them on your desktop and mobile and give them a test run. You never know, you may end up loving one that this article did not mention.

Tell us which browser you use and why and you may just change someone’s mind.




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