MIUI 12 Update, ROM, And Xiaomi Redmi Devices to Receive it

MIUI 12 Update, ROM, And Xiaomi Redmi Devices to Receive it

Here is how MIUI 12 will change everything you do on your Redmi smartphones

MIUI 12 is the latest addition to the Xiaomi’s OS update. Here is exactly what you should know about it’s release and features.

MIUI 12 Part 1

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MIUI 12 Global launched on 19 May 2020 for 32 Xiaomi devices and after that other Xiaomi devices will get MIUI 12 update.” 11
Just in case you are wondering which devices will get the MIUI 12 then below are some Xiaomi devices, likely to get MIUI 12 update.” 20
We are also expecting Xiaomi to address the unwanted ads issue on the Xiaomi devices with the MIUI 12 software update.” 22
For China, Xiaomi has already announced the list of eligible Mi and Redmi devices that will receive the MiUi 12 update in three phases.” 9
After the successful release announcement of Android 10 update for the existing smartphones Xiaomi is looking forward for upcoming MIUI 12 update.” 13
After announcing the MIUI 12 update on May 19, Xiaomi has now confirmed the list of smartphones that will get this update.” 16

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It also includes the Xiaomi Mi 8 UD, Mi 8 Transparent Edition, Mi 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Note 7 Pro, and Note 7.” 7
The first batch includes devices like Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10, Mi 10 Youth Edition, Mi 9 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K30, Redmi K20 Pro, and Redmi K20.” 9
Xiaomi has also rolled out MIUI 11 for the Redmi Note 8 Pro ( Review ), Redmi Note 7, Mi Mix 3, Mi 9 SE and Mi 8 SE in China.” 5
Mi 8 series, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7 series will receive the MiUi 12 software update in the second batch.” 9
Xiaomi plans to release the MIUI 12 global update to the Mi 9, Mi 9 T, Redmi K2, Mi 9 T Pro, and the Redmi K20 Pro in June 2020.” 2

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While other OEMs like Xiaomi are yet to update all their phones with the Android 10 update with MIUI 11, Xiaomi has now launched the next iteration of its custom UI, MIUI 12.” 18
Xiaomi launched MIUI 11 back in October last year and now, it’s being speculated that the company might launch MIUI 12 soon.” 5
It seems like Xiaomi will launch MIUI 12 with Android 10 as the base, and once Google launches Android 11 in Q3 2020, the Chinese company will also shift the base of MIUI 12 to Android 11 for some phones, while some remain on Android 10 itself.” 25
The Xiaomi is all set to launch the newer version of its Android – based software called MIUI 12 for its android smartphones in the market.” 21

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Xiaomi has lot of smartphones deal with this upgrade process and at least 24 smartphones qualifies for the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update.” 13
Xiaomi has a lot of smartphones deal with this upgrade process and at least 24 smartphones qualify for the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update.” 24
According to the recent post by Xiaomi engineers, The MIUI 12 is expected to get a system – wide dark mode 2.0 to Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones.” 11
MIUI 12 is coming to quite a few Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, and flagship devices will get it first, of course.” 7
Xiaomi India is now offering these users a chance to try it out on their Redmi K20 or K20 Pro smartphones.” 1
Before communicating them, we want to underline a couple of things : first of all it is not clear if these codenames concern them Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones with developer ROM or not.” 0

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Among the new features will be the new Dark Mode 2.0 on MIUI 12 that will bring wallpaper dimming to Xiaomi phones.” 23
It comes with completely revamped navigation gestures, new privacy features, smart dark mode, interesting live wallpapers, revamped animations, and so on.” 7
It also gets new features such as a revamped dark mode, improved privacy and security tools, new animations, new wallpapers, and much more.” 3
The new dark mode 2.0 will bring a wallpaper dimming feature that dims the light of the wallpaper as per the time of the day.” 18
The new version of MIUI promises smooth performance with the help of features like improved visual effects, new animations & wallpapers, privacy improvements, improved Xiaomi’s AI assistant with AI calling, updated dark mode, and multi – tasking features, etc.” 10

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However, the most important update of MIUI 12 is the enhanced privacy protection that gives users more control over their data.” 8
Xiaomi claims MIUI 12’s privacy features pass TUV Rheinland’s “Android Enhanced Privacy Protection Test,” which essentially means that it has tighter privacy controls than its predecessor(s ).” 6
It’s a wise move for Xiaomi to enhance its privacy controls with the MIUI 12; just awhile back, the company was accused of invading user privacy and collecting data.” 8
Xiaomi claims that MiUi 12 is the first mobile operating system to have passed TUV Rheinland’s Android System Enhanced Privacy Protection Test.” 9
Xiaomi released software updates for its browsers soon after, but the MIUI 12’s privacy controls will further reassure the Mi users.” 8
A tech researcher revealed that the data encryption done by Xiaomi can be easily decoded, causing many to be worried about the security level of their phone data.” 8

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MIUI 12 allows the user to grant specific permissions for apps, with options such as “while using the app” and “notify “.” 14
Apart from this, MIUI 12 also allows users to remove location information from photos before sharing them with other users or apps.” 16
MIUI 12 brings new privacy features that monitor app permissions and sensitive information and if there’s any violation, it quickly notifies the user.” 15
The user can also group apps automatically according to the user’s preferences to find the needed app in just a few swipes.” 2
In the new update, users will get options such as “While using the app” and “Notify” when apps ask for permission to access certain data.” 8
MIUI 12 will also strengthen the privacy and security of the users such as allowing users to check which apps are using what services and a kill switch to prevent any app from using any service, say location data.” 12

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Dark Mode will lead to lower power consumption, but for those who wants to preserve their batteries, there’s also the Ultra battery saver mode.” 8
This will limit power – consuming features on the phone, but basic features like calls, messages and network connectivity will remain unaffected.” 8
With this feature on, the most power – consuming features will be restricted to extend the phone’s standby time and reduce power consumption when the phone’s battery is running low.” 2
Finally, MIUI 12’s version of Ultra Battery Saver Mode still allows for basic phone functionality, leaving calls, messages, and network connectivity undisturbed while reducing power – consuming activity.” 14
Other MIUI 12 features announced by Xiaomi at the event include improved casting capabilities ( such as screen – off casting and hiding private content ), and an ultra power saving mode that only offers basic functions ( SMS, calls, network ).” 3

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Part 2

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The company has also given out the list of devices that will be receiving the new update, along with the dates for each one of them.” 28
Xiaomi has also revealed a detailed list of devices on which the latest updates will be available and the date on which the updates will be made available on all the devices.” 7
The mentioned list of devices is not provided by company’s official channels, so the devices may vary and may be subject to changes.” 7
Xiaomi has not officially announced any list of smartphones eligible for MIUI 12 update but the company has a good history of providing MIUI version updates to even low – end devices, although, we suspect that the devices launched in 2017 may not receive MIUI 12 update.” 36

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The devices will be Redmi Note 5, Mi 6, Mi Note 3, Mi MIX 2 and Mi 6X after June 19, 2020.” 35
This week, Xiaomi started rolling out MIUI 11 update to Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7, Mi MIX 3, Mi 9 SE and Mi 8 SE in China.” 16
The statement also said that developer ROM updates for Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro and Redmi Note 8 have been postponed, due to incomplete testing.” 0
The Xiaomi Mi 10 and the Mi 10 Pro, but also some low and mid – range models such as the Redmi Note 9 or the Redmi 9.” 32
When it arrives, the first wave of devices to pick up the MIUI 12 update will reportedly be the Mi 10, Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, Mi 9 Pro, and the Mi 8 series.” 5

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MIUI 12 will clearly be the new version of the customization layer of the Chinese firm, a version that is supposed to be presented in May. Which phones will receive MIUI 12 based on the current OS version?” 32
Based on the feedback from beta testers, the MIUI team can choose which features will align more with user requirements than others and, therefore, require more efforts for development and evolution.” 26
This applies to the rest of the versions of the customization layer and everything points to the same thing happening with MIUI 12.” 32
Not only that, MIUI betas also give us hints about the features that may or may not make to final successive versions of the UI.” 26
As for the features, Xiaomi is expected to overhaul the entire user interface with MIUI 12 alongside adding the standard Android 11 features which will be introduced by search giant Google.” 11

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Xiaomi will be releasing the new version of MIUI in couple of months and with this new version users can expect some new features and UI improvements, that will make this new version significantly better than the previous iteration.” 7
As it stands, we already have some details of the update, months away from the official availability of the stable version.” 5
Xiaomi already confirmed that its new MIUI interface is under development while hinting at some features to expect with the new update.” 10
We ‘ve recently shed some light on the features to expect, purported timeline, and even when Xiaomi is expected to begin development.” 5
The new update is expected to come with many new features and it is also said that the new update will look like Apple’s IOS 12 in terms of Gestures and Overall appearance.” 30

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Chinese phone maker Xiaomi today teased MIUI 12 – the next version of its custom Android skin and successor to MIUI 11.” 20
Xiaomi released MIUI 11 just a few months back and now reports have already started popping up regarding the next iteration of the company’s Android skin called MIUI 12.” 22
MIUI 11 was released just a few months back and now reports have already started about the MIUI 12, which will be the Xiaomi’s newest Android skin.” 4
The Android 10 update for Poco F1 comes along with Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 skin which has been rolling out over the past few months.” 31
The latest version of MIUI is Android 10 based MIUI 11, which was launched by the company last year in October on the global level.” 33

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The first version of MIUI 12 will run on Android 10, while the later versions will be based on the upcoming Android 11.” 18
While some devices will update to Android 11 and MIUI 12, many more will update to MIUI 12 while maintaining the original Android version, which can be Android 10 or Android 9.” 32
Xiaomi hasn’t yet confirmed whether the first version of the new MIUI 12 will be based on Android 10 or Android 12.” 18
Once Google’s stable Android 11 started rolling out to Pixel devices, Xiaomi will also work to roll out MIUI 12 based on Android 11 for a couple of devices.” 28
Proof of this is that there are currently mobiles with MIUI 11 and Android 9 or even Android 7 as the base system.” 32

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The first private beta of the new version will be released then, and in October, the beta will release on some devices.” 9
To be precise, the first beta releases should actually appear in the month of September while ad October open beta should come.” 27
But from what we know, Xiaomi reportedly plans to release the first private beta builds by September 2020, followed by public beta builds in October 2020.” 6
The first private beta version of the custom ROM will arrive in September and the beta will be released for some devices in October.” 25
The first closed beta will be released in September, and then in November, the beta version will be released to all users for some devices.” 24
Going by the timeline leaked a few days ago, the MIUI 12 internal beta update will be released in September followed by the public beta in October 2020.” 5

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Miui 12 Download for all Xiaomi Phones : In this guide, we will share the easiest way to Download Miui 12 for all Xiaomi phones.” 30
If your device is not in the given list then wait this is not an official list from Xiaomi for MIUI 12.” 13
But if your device is not on this list don’t worry this is not an official List from Xiaomi for MIUI Update.” 13
However, if you don’t find your device in the list, then just don’t panic as Xiaomi phones will get the update eventually.” 37
However, there’s no need to panic if your device didn’t make the list, as almost all Xiaomi phones will eventually get the update.” 10
Nevertheless, if you can’t find your device on the list, don’t panic because almost all Xiaomi phones will receive the new user interface.” 10

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Xiaomi today released the update statement of MIUI 20.3.23 internal beta development version, saying that this week is the last week of MIUI 11 development version internal beta.” 38
While launching a beta update patch for MIUI 20.3.23 developer build, the team announced that it will stop working on MIUI 11 developer ROMs starting next week for a while.” 0
In a post on the China chapter of MIUI Community, an admin announced that the MIUI 11 China beta will be halted next week.” 26
While announcing this week’s MIUI 11 beta update, a Xiaomi official on Weibo stated that it would be the last update, hinting at the arrival of MIUI 12.” 11
Now, the company on it’s China forum has announced that MIUI 20.3.23 will mark the end of MIUI 11 China Beta ROM updates.” 36

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Yes, a dark mode was already there with the MIUI 11, but what Xiaomi has done with Dark Mode 2.0 in the MIUI 12 is great.” 2
It recently confirmed that MIUI 12 would bring a global system – wide dark mode to a few third – party apps.” 16
Reportedly, this iteration will include a global system – wide dark mode, which was supposed to roll – out in MIUI 11.” 8
But with the new MIUI 12, we see a big change as system applications will have a better optimized dark mode.” 28
Based on Android 10, MIUI 12 is expected to offer many new features, including the integration of dark mode at the system level.” 15
MIUI 12 will have a better optimisation of the dark mode with improved quick replies option with a wider acceptance on different apps.” 18

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Once launched, the software will debut as the successor of the MIUI 11 that was launched by the Chinese in September last year.” 17
MIUI 12 is anticipated to roll in May this year, considering the previous versions ‘rollout in the same month if every year.” 23
Xiaomi first introduced MIUI 11 in China back in September 2019 and it was followed by a global launch in India in October.” 26
It seems logical that this version will be launched around the first anniversary of MIUI 11, that is to say at the start of the 2020 academic year.” 15
Going by the report, we can expect Xiaomi to release the first beta build of MIUI 12 in September this year, followed by a stable rollout sometime later in 2020.” 11

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Xiaomi has lot of smartphones deal with this upgrade process and at least 24 smartphones qualifies for the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update.” 21
According to the recent post by Xiaomi engineers, The MIUI 12 is expected to get a system – wide dark mode 2.0 to Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones.” 13
The Xiaomi MIUI 12 will finally bring a system – wide dark mode to every Xiaomi phone, more especially, the Redmi phones.” 10
In other news, Redmi will be launching the K30 Pro flagship smartphone tomorrow in China alongside several other products like Redmi TV, Redmi Soundbar 2.0 and more.” 11
The open field of smartphones has drilled the idea of the MIUI 12 update much more from CC series, Poco series, Mi Mix series, and Redmi smartphones.” 14

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Talking about some MIUI 11 features, the Xiaomi OS brings new ambient always – on display feature with new animations and the ability to place custom text on the always – on display.” 16
MIUI 11 comes with many new features like System – wide Dark Mode, Improved on the display feature, new animations, wallpapers & themes, and many more.” 12
It brings several exciting features including Dark Mode 2.0, Dynamic Always – on Display with over 1000 + custom animated styles, AI Calling, Navigation gestures and more.” 28
To refresh what awaits us, remember that among the most remarkable features of MIUI 12 we will find new animations, added in almost every part of the system.” 39
MIUI 12 will have certain useful additional features as automatic screenshot deletion post sharing, transition animations, status bar optimisations, in – system bold text, Charge Turbo function and more.” 18

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He previously worked with Sony India ( in field of Television and Mobile ) and Lenovo – Motorola in Mobile field.” 1
Xiaomi launched the Mi Note 10 in November of 2019 and it was the first smartphone to launch with Samsung’s 108-megapixel sensor.” 17
At the time, the company was also launching the Mi 9 Pro 5 G, a device that has since been succeeded by the even better and more powerful Mi 10 Pro 5G.” 5
MIUI 11 was announced in August 2019 for the first time and it made India debut in October 2019 with Redmi Note 9 series.” 11
Earlier rumours suggested that Xiaomi could bring this phone to India by December but it now seems that it is launching in February.” 17

Part 3

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After the Redmi K20 received its stable build of Android 10 with MIUI 11 on top last week in China, the Mi 9 T and international K20 units are also joining in on the fun.” 7
The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite and the Mi Max 3 global variants are finally receiving the stable Android 10-based MIUI 11 update after having had an initial rollout in China.” 19
MALMIDL global After the Redmi K20 received its stable build of Android 10 with MIUI 11 on top last week in China, the Mi 9 T and international K20 units are also joining in on the fun.” 7
And in a recent development, Mi 9 T aka Redmi K20 is getting the stable MIUI 11 update and that too globally.” 7
Global Stable Rom for Xiaomi Redmi 3s and here is an easy and safe tutorial for install new update Xiaomi Redmi 3s MIUI 8.” 7
Global stable Rom installation guide from which you will be able to easily install new update Xiaomi Redmi 4A MIUI 8.” 7
Optimization – NFC battery issues ( 11 – 23 How to update Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi 3/ Prime & Redmi Note Prime to MIUI 8.” 7
Android roms for xiaomi redmi 3s here is a list of all the android custom roms for xiaomi redmi 3s we hand picked for you.” 4
If you are looking to download stock ROMs of the Xiaomi Redmi 8A, check out our download link repository and software update tracker for MIUI updates!” 7


In China, Xiaomi has already announced the list of eligible Mi and Redmi devices that will receive the MIUI 12 update in three phases.” 16
Now the MIUI 11 will be released in patches though, with the latest devices from Xiaomi getting the update first hand.” 7
As of now, Xiaomi has only Announced Miui 12 Update which means no Update has been rolled out for users or public.” 15
Xiaomi has also revealed a detailed list of devices on which the latest updates will be available and the date on which the updates will be made available on all the devices.” 3
The global launch of Miui 12 Will take place on 19th may which means most of the devices will be able to get the update on their Xiaomi Devices for sure.” 15

#OTA    #rolling    #download

If I install the last MIUI 11 Stable Update will I get an OTA to download and install MIUI 12 when a stable version comes out?” 0
The update is a stable version and rolling out via OTA we also share a direct link to download MIUI 8.” 7
If you are impatient and can’t wait for the OTA download notification to arrive, the Downmi app helps you download and install the update manually.” 19
Once the MIUI 12 global version is live, Xiaomi will start rolling out OTA ( Over – the – air ) updates.” 8
The future MIUI 9 update will be rolling out via OTA but for now, you have to Download MIUI 9 Beta ROM for Redmi 4x from below and flash it manually.” 4

#India    #Note    #October    #launch

After announcing MIUI 11 last month and releasing it during the Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 8 launch in India, Xiaomi has started the rollout of the stable build in the country.” 7
Note that this is a Chinese firmware version, and the stable world MIUI 11 may debut on October 16, at the same time as the launch of the Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone in India.” 19
It has included in Phase 1, that will get MIUI 11 between October 22 to October 31, at least in India.” 19
MIUI 11 was unveiled in India in October, alongside the Redmi Note 8 series, and is slowly rolling out to all the recent Xiaomi devices.” 5
The Popular Redmi Note 7 was released a few months back in China with 48MP Camera and in India with 12MP Camera, also with the Snapdragon 660Soc.” 4

#smartphones    #started

Xiaomi has announced the MIUI 12 and it already started the MIUI 12 closed beta program for its Mi and Redmi smartphones.” 14
The mi – globe project was started in 2016 and aimed to provide optimized MIUI firmwares and apps for Xiaomi smartphones.” 19
It is expected and rumored too that the Xiaomi will release MIUI 11 Public Beta ROMs for many Xiaomi Android devices.” 19
Moreover, Xiaomi recently closed the beta program that it started to better understand and test the Android 10 based ROM on the Xiaomi devices.” 7
One of the most popular custom UI build over android is from Xiaomi and currently, the MIUI 11 is being used worldwide over all the Xiaomi ( Mi, Redmi, Poco ) smartphones.” 19
MIUI 12 will start rolling out from June — the latest version of Xiaomi’s Android user interface was officially unveiled on Tuesday, May 19 for global markets.” 9
Earlier today Xiaomi released the Android 10 OTA Update for Xiaomi Mi A3 and now it has released the MIUI 11.” 19
The Mi A3 was originally expected to get the Xiaomi is rolling out the Android 10-based MIUI 11 update for the Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.” 19
Jun 25, 2019 * About Xiaomi MIUI 10 : The stable MIUI 10 released with Redmi Note 7 based on Android 9.” 19
The Xiaomi Mi A3 is on the Android One program and is very eligible for the Android 10 and Android 11 updates as well.” 19
Xiaomi first unveiled the MIUI 11 China ROM at the Mi Mix Alpha event in Xiaomi only recently confirmed that Xiaomi Mi A3 will get an Android 10 update in mid – February.” 19

#download    #guide

Miui 12 Download for all Xiaomi Phones : In this guide, we will share the easiest way to Download Miui 12 for all Xiaomi phones.” 15
So this is How you can Easily Install Miui 12 on your Xiaomi Smartphones, We Hope you were able to Download and Install The Latest Miui 12 on your Xiaomi smartphone.” 15
This guide outlines the steps to install the DerpFest ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 7 ( codenamed : onclite ) based on Android 10 Q.” 4
You Can Download Miui 12 Rom for all Xiaomi phones from the Given Options below, Also just make sure that you also read the How to Install Miui 12 guide from the installation Section.” 15
First of all, transfer the MIUI 12 ROM to your Xiaomi device, in case you have downloaded it on your computer.” 11

#bugs    #test    #Beta

This time we will provide Beta Updates to selected testersMIUI 12 Global Stable Beta Release ScheduleGlobal Stable Beta update will rollout from next week.” 6
All MIUI 12 Beta users have to test and report the bugs in the Release version so the Xiaomi can release the MIUI 12 Stable Bug – free.” 19
The Update will be rolled out in Such a phase that first, all the Developers will get the Update to test their apps and Compatibility with the new Miui 12 Update, After that All the Beta testers will get the Miui 12 Beta rom which will contain some bugs.” 15
However, we should caution that since the update is still in testing, it may still get paused if any show – stopping bugs are found in the process.” 10


Notably, the newer / flagship phones will receive a MIUI 11 build based on Android 10, whereas the rest will continue to be on MIUI 10.” 5
It is another OS in our list that comes based on Android Its time to update your Redmi Note 5 Plus to latest Android 9.” 4
Unusually, MIUI 11 is the same name that was used for Android 9 and it is the same for Android 10.” 7
While other OEMs like Xiaomi are yet to update all their phones with the Android 10 update with MIUI 11, Xiaomi has now launched the next iteration of its custom UI, MIUI 12.” 13
Mar 02, 2020 * Looks like, after the release of Android 11 by Google, Xiaomi is all set to quickly update its devices to the latest Android iteration.” 19

#Pro    #Note    #Mix

Plus, Redmi 6 Pro, Mi Max 3, Mi Mix 2, Redmi Y2, Redmi Note 4, Mi 6X, Mi A2 and more.” 19
Now MIUI 12 beta is available for Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Poco X2, Mi CC9 and others.” 18
The second phase will consist of smartphones which include Mi Mix 3, Mi 8 series, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7 series.” 16
Xiaomi will roll out MIUI 12 for Mi Mix 3, Mi 8 series, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7 series in the third phase.” 16
The previously stable version of MIUI 11 has become available for the Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro and Redmi 7, as well as the Redmi K20.” 19

#China    #languages    #services    #Google

EU published MIUI 12 builds for over 28 devices Europe with access to Google apps, more languages, and without Chinese services.” 21
Apart from that, you can change the language to English and install Play Store and other Google services right from GetApps.” 11
However, the so – called Developer ROMs are only available as a China version and therefore lack the Play Store and the German language.” 20
These China – based builds are not intended to be used by Global users as these builds lacks Google apps and support for different languages.” 21
As the MIUI 12 Global launch yet to arrive, users will have to make do with MIUI 12 China Beta ROMs, which won’t necessarily have Google Play services and will be available in English and Chinese only.” 8

#Custom    #develop

The Android developer community is quite big, with their biggest feat being the ability to develop custom ROMs or custom Android builds.” 4
The development of the Custom ROM for the device has already been started there are already many Unofficial Custom ROM available for Redmi Note 7.” 4
This is an incomplete list of aftermarket distributions ( custom firmware, custom ROM ) of the Android operating system that have received independent coverage in notable Android – related sources.” 4
One of the greatest advantages of owning an Android device is that Android is an open – source project by which many communities develop as well as customize ROM for Redmi 5.” 4
Developed in – house by Xiaomi, it is highly customized to modify the user experience that one obtains in stock Android.” 7

#file    #Recovery    #flash

To flash ROM we will use TWRP Recovery as it is very convenient and super easy to Flash Files and ROM ‘s.” 4
In essence, you first need to unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery if you haven’t already, and, finally, flash the MIUI 12 beta file.” 8
Step 2 : Download the file Rom zip file from the download section below to and place it on your phone.” 4
Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool : MiFlash tool is an official Windows software to flash latest MIUI Fastboot firmware on any Xiaomi device.” 19
All you need to do is download the Recovery ROM file from the links given below and follow these few simple steps.” 12
Step 2 : After extracting the ROM package, you will be able to get the original Firmware, Flash Tool, Driver and How – to Flash Manual.” 4

#custom    #forum    #names

In an addition we will be including the respective forum links of the Custom ROMs along with there names and there developer / team names.” 4
Most of the people flash a custom ROM on their device for better performance, better battery life, different features, more stable and faster ROM and to DerpFest OS – Best Custom Roms.” 4
Rather, this is the ideal custom ROM to try if you want to simply Coming over to the headline “custom ROMs “, this is where things get interesting.” 4
There are lots of custom ROMs on all the different forums out there and every single one has different features on board.” 19
And there are Custom ROMs, like MIUI mentioned above, which fully transforms the way your phone’s look to a whole new interface.” 4

#launcher    #app    #drawer

This was all about the basic MIUI launcher, POCO Launcher is an addition of = MIUI Launcher + App Drawer and App Shortcut feature.” 3
This is not the official MIUI launcher, it is a highly customizable, performance driven, MIUI look launcher with the app drawer.” 3
Overview : This is not the official MIUI launcher, it is a highly customizable, performance driven, MIUI look launcher with the app drawer.” 3
A * Download MIUI Launcher App For PC, Laptop, Windows 7,8,10. 12. 0 is a launcher that you ‘d find on POCO – branded devices.” 3
Xiaomias MIUI launcher is not only the 2014 Best launcher app for Android phones and tablets but also beautiful and easy to use.” 3
The latest MIUI Launcher iteration is a tad closer to the POCO launcher app, which comes with features such as app categories, suggestions, a search bar underneath the app drawer, home screen layout, and the ability to change the icon size.” 17

#features    #enhancements    #users    #brings

Succeeding MIUI 11, MIUI 12 brings in tons of new features for the Xiaomi phones which are bound to make the users excited.” 13
This year ( 2020 ), it will be MIUI 12, and as usual, Xiaomi will include new features, UI refinements, and existing feature enhancements.” 19
On the bright side, users will be getting MIUI 12 way before their peers and will witness unreleased features of MIUI 12.” 8
And seeing all the new features and enhancements the MIUI 12 brings, global users were also pretty excited and wanted to when they can get their hands on the Xiaomi devices with the MIUI 12.” 13
MIUI 11 is a big step up from MIUI 10 in terms of refinement and polishing, and cherrypicking features that consumers would like to use.” 5

#options    #app    #permissions    #use    #optimization

Individual app permissions include a wider range of options like giving certain permissions “While using the app” and “Notify” when an app is using another service, along with the previously available options.” 9
You can now choose to grant permissions to an app – only once or while you use it and for certain apps that do not mention why the data and the permission are used, those apps will not be provided with the Always Allow option.” 13
In MIUI ( an Android ROM ) there is an option in developer settings called MIUI optimization, what is the use of this option.” 7
If you are wondering what is miui optimization here, this post talks about Turn On MIUI optimization settings found in Developer options.” 7

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Yes, a dark mode was already there with the MIUI 11, but what Xiaomi has done with Dark Mode 2.0 in the MIUI 12 is great.” 13
The new dark mode 2.0 will bring a wallpaper dimming feature that dims the light of the wallpaper as per the time of the day.” 13
Xiaomi MIUI 12 brings various new features and enhancements like new design animations with real – time light and shadow effects using MIUI Light Cone Motion Effect Architecture.” 21
As part of MIUI 11, the company introduced a number of new features, including animated AOD functionality, improved visuals, a sky replacement feature in the MIUI Gallery app, and more.” 19
MIUI 11 is the latest version of Xioami custom Android skin with a couple of new features like dark mode, MI share App etc.” 7

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Improved Battery Performance : MIUI 11 will have improved battery optimization features for artificial intelligence that will help track the battery and increase the device’s battery life.” 7
System Optimization – NFC battery issues ( 11 – 23 Aug 18, 2019 * MIUI 11 will have several new features powered by AI.” 7
Ultra Battery Saver will be one of the new features of MIUI 11, which will solve one of the major problems of undergoing battery life issue.” 7
Although I didn’t read anything about optimizing battery life in the update notes, I’ ve found the battery life on my Mi9 T, which updated to MIUI 11 yesterday, However I discovered that turning off MIUI Optimisation has massively improved battery life on my phone.
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