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Download Necta Launcher android apk free for your smartphone and tablet

Welcome to the amazing place where you can free download Necta Launcher apk into your android smartphone.

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If you are looking to free download Necta Launcher in your android smartphone via apk then you have just knocked the right place. Your search for Necta Launcher android theme has brought you here on a cool place where you are free to download it without paying money. You can easily download and install your favorite android launcher apk in your smartphone with 2 clicks. If you are using your smartphone to download and install Necta Launcher apk then you will just access your file with one tap. We have uploaded the latest version of this android theme for you so you don’t need to miss all the latest features with brilliant graphics and entertainment. This theme has been developed by the trusted android apk developers and its download is also available on Play Store so you don’t have to worry about any type of viruses or malware. We only upload trusted launchers so you are free to download Necta Launcher android apk in your smartphone.


  • Launcher has brilliant graphics.
  • You can easily install and uninstall the launcher with few taps.
  • The theme is optimized for speed so you will enjoy great speed in your device.
  • Launcher is optimized for size, which means you can run this launcher on all smartphone sizes.
  • Launcher is also available on Google Play which means it has a trusted source.

How to download Necta Launcher Android

If you are wondering on how to download Necta Launcher android apk in my smartphone then worry not. Downloading this theme is as easy as pie. You will find a START DOWNLOAD button on this page where you can simply click and your download will begin. If you are using your desktop or laptop to free download the file for your mobile phone then simply click on START DOWNLOAD button and your download will happen immediately. If you

are using your android tablet or smartphone to download your free Necta Launcher, then simply tap on START DOWNLOAD button and your file will begin to arrive in your device as soon as you tap.

How to install Necta Launcher APK in Your Smartphone

If you don’t know how to install Necta Launcher theme in your android smartphone or tablet then we are here to help. It is very simple and you don’t have to be a tech expert to install Necta Launcher android APK in your computer. Once you are finished with free apk file download, you just need to open the file and tap “Install” button. Your launcher will begin to install immediately after the tap. In case you have bought a new android smartphone or reset it to its default settings. Then simply go to settings>security and allow “unknown sources”. Once you have checked unknown sources you will be able to install Necta Launcher launcher in your android smartphone via downloaded APK file.

Necta Launcher Description Via Google Play
 Necta launcher is designed for the people who needs simple life, also help elderly and kids easy to use Android phones.

From first version to today, Necta launcher has helped 100,000+ senior people and vision loss people to use their Android phone.

Key features:
• Everything is big:
Big font designed for reading and writing.Big buttons help you easy to press them, even the
users with eye sight cannot make wrong touching.
And Big SMS, contact, call log, avatars.
• Quick dial important persons:
Touch one avatar/name at home screen you can dial him/her directly.
Big avatars for seniors easy tap it for dialing.
• Smart camera and photo reviewer:
Well-designed UI, and elders and kids touch anywhere to take a photo.
• Build-in customize agenda/calendar for senior people.
• You will not get lost:
Position feature display you location at map. and it will add showing how to go home.
Senior people may got lost sometimes, so he/she could use this feature to go home.
• Weather forecast:
Simple weather forecast for next 3 days.
It shows temperature and details weather, such as sunny, cloudy, rainy,snow.
• Internet Search Bar:
Elderly and kids also need internet search, this feature also let them easy to search
something using Google or Baidu(China).
• Many big color themes:
Big blue,big green, big red and big black theme.
Big contrast for elderly people and vision loss people to read.
• Show unread SMS or missed calls at customize notification bar.
• Necta Locker
Show big font time,date,weather info and medical ID. just tap an
Big button to unlock the screen.
• Necta Alarm
Designed for senior people, with scheduled caring option, which will send SOS message to hot contacts
if senior people can’t cancel alarm alert in 1 minute.
• Medical ID
It help other people to know this senior people’s health info, include:
Birth of day, height, weight, medical notes, medical medications,blood type,
Medical conditions, Allergies and Reactions.
• Scheduled caring option for senior mode alarm: if senior people can’t cancel the alarm alert, it will send
SOS message to hot contacts.
• Personalized launcher:
Users can add/remove all buttons on home screen, include SMS,SOS,
position,camera,photo and other apps.
• RSS News:
Provide latest news for senior people, and we provide one RSS URL as default, also you can input your
own RSS URL.
• Useful tools:
Flashlight at home screen make you easy to find it, and many other tools could be added to home
• Necta Launcher is now supporting ActivePERS: An Advanced Medical Alert Solution that Works with Your Smartphone”. Please link ActivePERS to www.activepers.com.

• Weather forecast needs turning on location service which based on Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
• You can delete or add one Hot contact at Settings->Hot contacts.
• You have 3 days for free trial before you buy in-app full feature item.
• After free trial for 7 days, if you want continue to use it please purchase in-app item for 6.99$.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/108571992973985308727
Facebook: http://fb.com/nectalauncher

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