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Samsung Galaxy C10 keyboard apps are awesome and useful. Here you will find top 5 best android applications for your wonderful device.

The highly customizable features of Samsung Galaxy C10 make it as one of the best cellphones to use, which let you change the inbuilt features of your phone if you don’t like it. Android allows you to install a better stuff from Google Play Store, which has changed the perspectives of mobile phone operating system. If you think your Samsung Galaxy C10 keyboard is hard to type on or you need new attractive features, this article is for you. We bring for you the top 5 Best Android keyboard apps, read further.

Top 5 Best Android keyboard apps.

1. Google Keyboard For Samsung Galaxy C10

Google Keyboard comes with amazing features such as GIF search, translate options, smart autocorrection features and integrated Web search options. Also, speech to text option converts your audio message into texts which save your time.

2. Chrooma Keyboard

This keyboard app has been recently updated to version 4 and is smooth to use. The colors of the keyboard change according to the app that you are using. It also has the suggestion feature for emojis which is quite useful. Also, it allows you to see the history of texts that has been copied by you and has a blacklist feature which prevents it from suggesting some words.

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

One of the best features of SwiftKey on Samsung Galaxy C10 is that it accesses your social media and your texts to learn your typing behavior so that it predicts what you are going to type very accurately. And guess what, it gets better with use. The new version also comes with double word prediction feature which predicts your next two words and helps you type more quickly.

4. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

So what’s better than SwiftKey Keyboard? SwiftKey Keyboard with emojis. SwiftKey has totally modernized its Emoji collection in the new sixth version and is actually cool to use. Just like Chrooma, it will suggest emojis as you type words. For instance, when you type girl, a girl Emoji will appear for your use. Its customization features are not as great as SwiftKey’s, but it’s still a good keyboard app to download.

5. Fleksy

Fleksy claims that it got the best autocorrect feature in the entire app world. So much so that even if you type a sentence without looking at your phone, 99% chances are that it will type a perfect sentence. Also, its themes are pretty attractive.

These were some of the best Samsung Galaxy C10 keyboard apps. If you have some other keyboard app suggestions just use the comment box below.