Top 6 Android Apps For School Kids

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Today, one has a great choice of interesting android games for kids. Despite the fact that there are hundreds, even millions of games for children and adults, school kids and students, free and paid, there are also very useful apps that help to develop child’s personality and intelligence.

Almost every child in the world, beginning from 2-8 and earlier, has a cell phone, and, as a result, a free access to the Internet. Many parents think that their children spend too much time playing on their devices, simply wasting their time. In some way, they are right. But often, the parents don’t know about a high variety of great google apps, which can be very useful and helpful in studying and development for their children.

I recommend you to read my small list of top 6 android apps for school kids in order to make the school life of your children more interesting, useful, and helpful as well as making the process of studying easier and better.

1. ABC Kids

The top place of my list belongs to the app that can definitely become one of the favorite apps for your kids. As you can guess, ABC Kids is an educational app, and it focuses primarily on learning the alphabet, phonics, and writing. This interesting program also offers your child a letter matching, upper and lowercase, and word association. Although the interface makes it harder for kids to exit the app, the experiences will be very easy and understandable for every child. One of the biggest advantages of this program is the absence of various in-app purchases, advertising, and its availability. ABC Kids is definitely one of the new interesting apps for android, especially for younger children.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best learning apps for kids specialized on knowing a new language. This program will be very useful for your children if they want to learn a new language. It has a variety of languages supported, including Danish, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, and English. The best reason why this app will be one of your favorites is the fact that it’s completely free, without any hidden fees. Moreover, the developers of this app argue that 30 hours in this app are equal to a school semester!


3. Edmodo

There is also a google new app for android, which is called Edmodo. The characteristic feature of this app is the fact that it will be useful and interesting for the whole family. Actually, it doesn’t matter who you are – a pupil in a middle school, a student in college, a teacher working at school, or even a writer working on different online platforms, such as Edu Zaurus, etc. – you will definitely find this app interesting and useful for you. Edmodo helps teachers and parents interact more. In fact, it is the program every student needs on the smartphone. The main idea of this google app is to improve student involvement. It’s a great platform that can connect everyone together and can help kids focus on what they need to learn, the most interesting things, facts, and theories.

4. LumiKids

With this program, you will make sure that free apps for kids can be high quality and interesting. LumiKids has won multiple awards in Design and a Best iPad Apps for Kids Award from The Guardian. This app is specialized in sorting by color, shape, and size, visual-motor coordination, and other different useful functions for toddlers and preschoolers. LumiKids is equipped with easy to understand interface even for the youngest children.

5. NASA Visualization Explorer

It won’t be a mistake that NASA Visualization Explorer is one of the best ways for your children to explore the Earth, the moon, nature, the sun, and the universe. The app shows wonderful images and videos from the most beautiful places on Earth, and animations can make the most complicated notions about our planet easier to understand. This program will be also useful to parents, who can communicate and discuss interesting topics with their children in the evening to make their everyday routine more useful and interesting instead of watching TV or playing some computer games.

6. Vocabulary Spelling City

If spelling tests are stressful for your child, Vocabulary Spelling City can become your favorite new android app that can easily solve this problem. It helps to make learning vocabulary and spelling fun and interesting. Children of different ages can use this free app playing logical and studying games. Moreover, you can also upload a word list to the program to use individually. Despite the app being free, you can buy a premium version with five student accounts available for a yearly subscription.

Here was my small list of the best android apps and games for kids, mostly educational, but still very useful and interesting, that would definitely increase the natural potential of the school kids. As you’ve already noticed, some of the above-mentioned apps will be useful not only for school kids, but also for school teachers, parents, and even university or college students.


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