Top 7 Educational Android Apps for Teachers

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Modern technologies are rapidly invading in our lives. It has also touched a studying progress. Many teachers claim that tablet, smartphone, smart board and different kinds of applications, available on the web, facilitate their professional lives. If you are a teacher and looking for modern ways to make your lessons/lectures valuable, this article will be extremely helpful to you. You can just Google “Android apps for teachers,” however, we’ve already made the list of 7 best classroom apps that were implemented by many educators and professors. These tools will make your students` study easier and more effective. There is nothing difficult in using these apps, it`s so useful as using essayontime for your studying issues. Let`s see!

  1. Class Dojo

This interactive app is very popular among teachers all over the world. It has the same advantages as many others:

  • Teachers can mark students’ attendance
  • Teachers can give points to students (+1 or -1) according to their work at the lessons
  • The variety of avatars for students is wide
  • Interface is very simple and comfortable even for the most inexperienced gadget users

What makes this app the best in its field is that teacher can show the purpose of each mark. For instance, a student may get a good score for the “hard-work” or for “homework.” This way, a teacher can give short feedback on student’s activity right in the middle of the lesson. Moreover, this app also allows parents to watch their children’s academic success. Therefore, parents can observe what their kids frequent or what prefer to skip.


  1. Seesaw

This kind of application is used mostly for communicating with parents. Though it has almost the same functions as Class Dojo, for example, Seesaw is made for parents to supervise the education course of their kids. For instance, this app allows uploading different files: videos, sound file, pictures. These files are free to use for a teacher and a parent. A parent can watch everything that teacher does to a file, however, doesn’t have the ability to change it. If there are any questions, an app offers a special chat. If you want to check the studying progress of a child yourself – this app is the best one.


  1. Epic unlimited books for kids

If you work with elementary students, you know how difficult is to encourage them to read books. Most parents don’t know how to make their child interested in learning and reading for the whole life. Epic unlimited books for kids is a unique app where you can find only (!) children literature. It eases the dilemma of choosing the necessary books because they all are stored in this app. Basically, it is a pocket library.


  1. Ted talks

The problem of encouraging children to learn something new stays the same for both: small students and teenagers. However, Ted talks is an educational app that has already solved this problem. There you can find lots of videos of interesting people talking about interesting things, such as relationships, science, and everyday issues. Such an app permits students to find inspiration not only in their teacher but the ordinary people. It also gives them oomph to find more information about something they are interested in.


  1. Mindomo

Good students, as well as good teachers, tend to deliberate and often cannot gather all their thoughts together. If you are also bad at managing your thoughts, Mindomo is a top app for you.

Create short presentations on your management plans, draw schemes, brainstorm ideas and write them down in any way you want. This creative application helps to cope with overthinking and let you remember everything by creating drafts.

  1. Adittio

Additio is the best teacher planner app, as it has everything you need! Record your students’ attendance, put the marks and don’t forget about yourself! Create your own timetable, with the simplest interface, upload your files, share them with students, and easily contact them. Additio is a brilliant app for those who appreciate their time and comfort.


  1. Google Drive

Many teachers admit that Google Drive is a basic app for teaching teenagers and adults. It is the best for sharing, correcting and creating files. You don’t need to use paper books anymore because you can easily get access to the storage with all materials you need. Download Google Drive and forget about heavy books in your bag, make your life easier.


  1. Teachers With Apps

(TWA) – A website that is a kind of data storage application for teachers. He was founded by two teachers with vast experience of educational technologies – Jane Claire, and also the teacher of early development – Anne Rachel. Why do they need it? According to the creators, to help teachers and tutors working with children (speech therapists, ergo therapists, early intervention specialists, etc.), parents and students to navigate in a huge number of educational applications and identify when and which one should be used.


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