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download android nougat 7.0 launcher

Simple tips on how to upgrade your ZOPO Speed 8 onto latest Android Nougat 7.0 and get the best of every tap!

If you are looking to upgrade your device or simply want a latest Android Nougat 7.0 update for ZOPO Speed 8, then you have just knocked the right place. In the following tutorial we will explain the benefits and the latest features you can achieve with this amazing upgrade…

Android Nougat 7.0 is one of the most sophisticated inclusions into the sweetness of Google’s operating system and now its update is available for the world-famous ZOPO Speed 8. The developers working with the Google have made some of the amazing enhancements in this version of OS that will make your device look better.

Various new exciting features and interesting upgrades now make Android 7.0 one of the best operating systems for 2016 and 2017. Many smartphone users will continue to use this OS by the end of 2018.

Android Nougat 7.0 latest images and pictures taken from a Nexus Device

Improved Multitasking

Android 7.0 is all about speed and multitasking…

Night Mode Feature

Now you can save your eyes in the dark by turning on the amazing “Night Mode” feature.

Multi-window Mode

Enhance your multitasking with improved multi-window mode option.

Android Nougat App Menu Revised – Now More Goodlooking

Now your app menu is more appealing, gorgeous and worth tapping.

Quick Notification Reply

Save your time with quick notification reply feature. No need to open the app to respond to any messages or email, do it fast now.

Improved Camera Performance

Now you will enjoy speedy images with more detailed results and higher resolutions.

Cute Settings Panel

Now tap into a good looking settings UI with Android N.

Keyboard Themes

Choose from your favorite keyboard theme and set it for your messaging tasks.


New Emojis

Texting becomes fun with newly improved emojis.

Better Gaming and Virtual Reality VR

Improved gaming is the biggest deal for top android gamers. VR is also something worth noting.

So what makes Android Nougat update for ZOPO Speed 8 worth installing?

The upgrade is very easy and Android Nougat 7.0 update for ZOPO Speed 8 is worth mentioning here. You will find various cool features that will enhance the performance, look, attractiveness, gaming and apps. Various new features and shortcuts have been introduced that will save you a lot of time while responding to messages and emails.

You can choose from various shortcuts from the notification panel for a great user experience. ZOPO Speed 8 is one of the devices that will easily download and install Android Nougat 7.0 within few simple steps. So before you get the update, you must know some of the key features that you will get after the successful upgrade.

Notification penal looks great!

Now what has changed a lot with ZOPO Speed 8 Android Nougat 7.0 update is the drop-down notification shape so you can see the notifications are edge to edge this time instead of floating. You will find some quick setting toggles which you can expand out further by swiping down again.

You can also use a two finger gesture to jump right to the full panel. In the notifications panel you can expand out to more features. For example, within the Gmail app, we can actually respond to each email so you can tap on the arrow right next to the message and you can reply or delete the message. Now if you want to collapse you can just tap the arrow again, but again, you can use the two finger gesture to expand it out.

You can also quickly respond to the messages within the drop-down shade so we can bring up the keyboard, type our message, send it off and quickly dismiss the shade. This also works outside the notification panel. So when you get a pop up you can reply directly.

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Key features within the ZOPO Speed 8 notification panel

Once you have successfully installed Android Nougat update for ZOPO Speed 8 you will see some of the amazing enhancements in the notifications panel.

  • You will have the option for double swipe. Which means you can use two fingers gestures to expand a notification.
  • You can directly respond to any message or email within the notification without opening it.
  • You can easily expand or collapse the notifications panel with your finger touch.
  • You can edit the notifications panel and add or remove your favorite shortcuts such as flash light, location, battery saver mode and much more.
  • One exciting thing about ZOPO Speed 8 Android Nougat upgrade is the new feature. If you long press the flash light button within the notifications panel, the camera will open for some quick photos.

Block the unwanted number or caller

Thanks to God. For the first time in history Google has made this improvement and now you can block unwanted numbers or callers after installing the Android Nougat update on ZOPO Speed 8. Gone are the days when you used to pay heavy subscription charges to your network carrier for blocking the unwanted callers.

Now you can block all those time wasters or blackmailers with few simple taps. Now if you block a number this will automatically delete any voicemails you received from that caller.

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Enhanced security

Now after the successful ZOPO Speed 8 Android Nougat upgrade, you will see an enhanced security for your device. The developers working with the Google have made various changes to their security protocols which will safeguard you from various types of online and offline threats. This is the key element that makes it important for you to download and install the latest update of Android 7.0 on ZOPO Speed 8.

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Increased battery – better talk time

The battery performance has been optimized and Android Nougat is running on a very low power. This applies to all types of activities you do with ZOPO Speed 8 and you will see an improved battery life with everything.

Key features within the ZOPO Speed 8 battery life

You will see increased battery timing with lots of media tools which include;

  • 3G, 4G talk time
  • Stand by time
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Gaming
  • Background apps
  • Camera
  • Web browsing
  • And much more
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What if I can’t upgrade ZOPO Speed 8 on Android 7.0?

First of all, you need to be a tech expert to manually upgrade ZOPO Speed 8 onto Android Nougat 7.0. If you don’t know how to do that, you better not. Get the device to your expert friend who has already installed N upgrades for various devices such as yours. If you don’t have a friend who can get the job done for you, consider getting your device to the company outlet or the nearest mobile repairing shop. Guys working in such places are experts in their fields and they know how to upgrade ZOPO Speed 8 on Android Nougat.

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Still want to see Android Nougat on ZOPO Speed 8?

If you can’t follow the complicated rooting methods or don’t know how to root ZOPO Speed 8, you should be thinking of changing appearance of your home screen. Google has a very simple official launcher that will transform your device into latest Android Nougat interface.

Simply download this launcher with one single tap

This method is only for beginners who cannot install this update manually. Download Android Nougat Launcher here. This launcher will not actually install the Android 7.0 on your device but it will give you a look and feel of the same user interface. After successfully installing this launcher into your device, you will see an actual ZOPO Speed 8 Android Nougat 7.0 update.

download android N 7.0 launcher